Simply smart. Simply LUXOR: LUXORliving smart home system

LUXORliving is the intuitive smart home system from Theben, offering all-round home comfort. LUXORliving is the smart home system that is as easy to use as it is to program. Intelligent control for the homeowner, intuitive programming for the installer. Switching and dimming lights, regulating the room temperature and raising and lowering your blinds. Simply wonderful. Simply LUXORliving.

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Präsenzmelder thePassa für Flure und Gänge

Efficient lighting in tight spaces: the new thePassa for corridors and hallways

ThebenHTS presents the new thePassa presence detectors for energy-efficient, presence-dependent lighting control in corridors, hallways and high bay warehouses. Thanks to two detection areas that can be controlled separately, both lighting areas can be precisely separated, switched on and off and controlled (KNX version).  

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LED-Strahler theLeda B mit Bewegungsmelder

Always illuminating: The new theLeda B LED spotlight from Theben

Theben presents theLeda B: a flat, modular LED spotlight with or without motion detector. This LED spotlight with driverless high power LED technology delivers motion or daylight-dependent lighting control and is ideal for use on business premises in areas such as loading bays and ramps or entrances.

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Präsenzmelder theRonda S KNX

Remarkably discreet. Ever-present. The new theRonda S360 KNX presence detectors for ceiling installation

The new theRonda S360 KNX presence detectors for ceiling installation show off their strengths where a discreet design that blends in with the room and maximum cost efficiency are needed. For example, in individual offices, side rooms with daylight and wet rooms (protection class IP 54). theRonda 360 KNX FLAT DE is particularly impressive thanks to its super flat housing which is only 5 mm thick.

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Präsenzmelder theRonda S UP Deckeneinbau

Quite simple. Ever-present. The new theRonda S presence detectors

The new theRonda S UP presence detectors for ceiling installation are perfectly suited for reliable presence-dependent lighting control in smaller office rooms or side rooms with daylight. Thanks to their protection class IP 54 rating, they are also suitable for use in wet rooms.

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theSenda B 01 1290x726 en

App-solute programming ease: The new theSenda Plug app for presence and motion detectors

With theSenda Plug, ThebenHTS presents a user-friendly app for easy programming of indoor and outdoor detectors. Parameters are sent by Bluetooth to the theSenda B remote control and from there transmitted by infrared to the detector. This allows the parameters on all ThebenHTS presence and motion detectors to be set quickly, easily and safely, particularly detectors with a wide range of functions. 

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Heizungsaktor HMT 6 S KNX

More intelligence in heating control. The new HMT 6 S/12 S KNX heating actuators

The new HMT 6 S/12 S KNX heating actuators from Theben can be easily fitted in the heating circuit distributor via mounting rails. KNX heating actuators offer a range of high-performance functions which significantly increase the energy efficiency of the heating system.

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top3 EN 01 1290x726

Changing times – top2 becomes top3: The new top3 digital time switches from Theben

Theben replaces the multi-million selling top2 devices by the redesigned top3 series of digital time switches. Highlights include convenient programming via app, safe data transfer via Bluetooth OBELISK top3, as well as LED output of 600 W. At the same time, full compatibility with top2 devices is ensured.

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KNX Spannungsversorgung Tasterschnittstelle 02 1290x726

Everything under control. The new KNX push button interfaces

The new KNX push button interfaces can record binary conditions and control indicator lamps via the outputs. If potential-free buttons or switches are connected, they can carry out different functions, such as switching, dimming, raising/lowering blinds, etc.

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KNX Spannungsversorgung PS 160 mA T 9070956 Theben

Always optimally connected. The new KNX power supplies from Theben

The new KNX power supplies provide KNX lines via the KNX output with integrated energised choke. The un-choked AUX auxiliary output can, for example, be used for the additional power supply of KNX IP devices or other system devices, like weather stations and displays, etc.

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theLuxa R Bewegungsmelder für den Außenbereich

Absolutely secure. Under the hardest conditions. The new theLuxa R motion detector for outdoor use

When motion detectors are to be installed in open access areas, such as schoolyards, sports facilities, parking garages or public facilities and social institutions, it all comes down to one thing: maximum sturdiness and reliable resistance to tampering. Like the new theLuxa R motion detectors. They are the particularly compact and optimally protected solution for sensitive outdoor areas.

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Bewegungsmelder LUXA 103-100 UA mit Akustikfunktion

Listens in. Switches precisely. The new LUXA 103-100 UA motion detector with acoustic function from Theben

The new LUXA 103-100 UA WH motion detector is ideal for bathrooms and toilets, among others, thanks to the integrated microphone. While the motion detector is activated by the PIR sensor, the integrated microphone indicates the shut-off delay. Thanks to the compact design with integrated power unit, the motion detector fits descretely in all indoor spaces.

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Raumthermostate RAMSES 718 KNX

More efficient heating made simple. The new RAMSES 718 KNX room thermostats from Theben

The new RAMSES 718 S/P KNX room thermostats are the optimum successors of the tried and tested RAMSES 712/713 devices. They support the heating regulation within a KNX controlled building in a constant or 2-point model. Thanks to the universal mounting plate, they can be installed directly on the wall or on an accessory back box.

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CO2 Sensor AMUN 716 S KNX 7169230 Theben

Optimum air quality. For a perfect living climate. The new AMUN 716 S KNX CO2 sensor from Theben

The new AMUN 716 S KNX CO2 sensor monitors the CO2 concentration in schools and classrooms, offices and conference rooms, or also in passive and low-energy houses. Thanks to the integrated temperature controller, it is ideal for efficiently controlling the room temperature and for controlling ventilation systems in KNX building automation. With the universal mounting plate, AMUN 716 S KNX can be installed directly on the wall or on an accessory back box.

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Präsenzmelder theRonda P360-330 DALI 2080045 ThebenHTS

Efficient lighting intelligence: The new theRonda DALI presence detectors

With the new theRonda DALI presence detectors, ThebenHTS is expanding the range of standard models and performance models it offers by adding versions featuring intelligent lighting control via the DALI bus system.

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Bewegungsmelder Außenbereich LED-Strahler theLeda S10L WH 1020721

Small. Strong. Flexible. Durable. The new theLeda S LED spotlight with motion detector

The new theLeda S LED spotlights with integrated motion detector for outdoors are replacing the successful LUXA LED spotlights. They are ideal for outdoor areas, such as carports and the rear entrances of buildings. theLeda S offers a compact case with clear shapes and blends in perfectly. The integrated lens boasts sophisticated mirror optics for PIR detectors. The 180° rotating LED module allows for wall, façade and accent lighting, as well as wall wash effects. The detection area can be easily limited to 180° using the labels provided.

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