Quite simple. Ever-present. The new theRonda S presence detectors

The new theRonda S UP presence detectors for ceiling installation are perfectly suited for reliable presence-dependent lighting control in smaller office rooms or side rooms with daylight. Thanks to their protection class IP 54 rating, they are also suitable for use in wet rooms.

The highlights of the theRonda S UP presence detectors at a glance:

  • Easy ceiling installation:
    With flush-mounted box 
  • Round detection area:
    Max. 64 m2 at a room height of 4 m
  • Convenient operation:
    By theSenda remote control
  • Many comfort functions:
    Teach-in function, scenes, self-learning time delay, short-term presence, etc.
  • Flexible operation:
    Connection option for push buttons or switches for manual switching with automatic detection of "push button/switch"
  • Operation as semi or fully automatic device:
    Lowers energy costs and increases comfort
  • Protection class IP 54:
    Safe use in wet rooms
  • Master/slave functions (theRonda S360-101 UP):
    For cost-effective extension of the detection area and ventilation control via an additional relay output


Technical data, function description and further information:

 * Note: Special production with longer delivery time!


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