Unique and award-winning – the new Theben product design

For some it is pure functionality – pure technology. For us at Theben it is more: the perfect shape of our products.

Design prices overview


In fact, they are not “only” technologically advanced devices, which are developed and produced with a high degree of precision. They are integral constructions, which are developed by Theben with just as much effort for shape, material quality, functionality, and usability. This is based on high standards and on a clear design line, which has already been awarded several times with the IF Award, the PLUS X Award, Good Design, and the Red Dot Award.

„Of course we are very happy,“ says Paul Schwenk, Management board of Theben AG, „that our efforts to create an outstanding design have been honoured with international design awards.“ Shape, materials, colour and labelling stand for technical precision and clarity, and thus for the brand itself. At first glance – and not only by the logo – they can be recognised as Theben products. This makes them unique. This design language can especially be experienced with the new products of presence and motion detectors.

droplet-shaped design

"The sustainable design concept"

Beautiful, clear, and circular contours – in the so called droplet-shaped design – lend thePrema, theRonda and theMova, detectors a flowing line that nestles and integrates with ceilings, walls and roofs, and emphasize aesthetic features, where typically no one expects them. „The sustainable design concept,“ says Paul Schwenk „was developed in cooperation with a renowned product designer. Above all, it was important to us that the products integrate unobtrusively into their surroundings, and that function and aesthetics are well balanced.

In this way, Theben embarks on a path that seemed unimaginable just a short time ago: openly emphasizing the design of typical technological functional devices. Understanding them as a part of the visible and designable architecture and building infrastructure, and integrating them, without pushing them into the foreground. This makes an important distinguishing feature compared with the competition.

Successful blending of form and function

This includes weather stations made of semi-transparent plastics, which blend with the appearance of the facade, and only become visible at a closer inspection. It also includes explicitly visible devices, which must not leap to the eye, but which want to be discovered. In particular, because the benefits they offer deserve some special recognition.
Theben's visual language plays with this discovering, with this recognition, with the perspective on benefits, when showing people where Theben products are mounted.
Just look at it, to the line, the functional elegance and the benefit of our products. It is a successful blending of form and function.