The product life cycle and everything that goes with it

With our products, we want to make the buildings of tomorrow greener. We want to make them more sustainable. To achieve this, we pull out all the stops and leave no aspect of the product life cycle unturned: Starting with the suppliers and the transport routes, to the components and the materials used, to the production processes, to the packaging and finally the recycling. And this is exactly what it looks like.

How we pursue sustainability across the board?

By keeping an eye on our supply chain. This is ensured by our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Whether ISO 14001 or EMAS - we ask all our suppliers what they think about sustainability. And we document all answers to their environmental management system in standardised self-assessment sheets. For us, this is a basic requirement for the qualification of a manufacturer as a Theben supplier. In this way we ensure that our specifications are observed. For example, through certified proof of established and observed environmental standards. We set a course and together we all pull in the same direction.

Refurbish our products

How we deal with our second-hand goods in a sustainable way?

We don't replace them, we refurbish them. Our goal: refurbish instead of recycle.

Gone and gone was yesterday. At Theben, we will focus less on recycling discarded products and more on refurbishing them. Our refurbished products will then be available in our shop. Fully functional, in tested quality. That's good for the environment. Good for the wallet. And good for our customer relations.

A look behind the scenes

With few exceptions, the entire product range is manufactured in Germany - at our headquarters in Haigerloch. In the production itself, the 100% final inspection ensures that each of our products leaves our company in perfect condition.

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How will we deal with waste in the future?

We are reducing them. Gradually.
Our goal: 2% from year to year

Quantities of waste do not simply accumulate; they can be divided into types of waste. Some of them are unavoidable, some are unnecessary - and some are harmful to the environment. We keep an eye on all of them and try to successively reduce, replace or completely avoid them. Our goal: 2% less waste every year.

Recycling Certificate 2022 Packaging Recycling Certificate 2022 (1 MB)

Why do we continue?

Because when it comes to sustainability, it can never be enough. That is why we are already working intensively on the following topics at the moment:

Icons Nachhatligkeit Cradle2Cradle 520x293px

Cradle to Cradle

Development and production of recyclable, certified products. So that no recyclable materials are lost.

Icons Nachhatligkeit Bioplastik 520x293px

Organic plastic

For our appliances. Switching the casing material to recycled or bioplastic. Possibly also in a % share.

Icons Nachhatligkeit Weniger Kunststoff 520x293px

Less plastic

We reduce our plastic packaging and replace it - where it makes sense - with cardboard & paper.