Cooperation & Initiatives

As one of the leading manufacturers of systems for time, light and air conditioning controls, Theben AG is involved with campaigns to ensure quality, innovation and sustainability. Beyond that, we are working with our partners to further develop standards in the electrical industry.

Logo DGNB (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen))

The German Sustainable Building Council
(Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen – DGNB e.V.)
The German Sustainable Building Council was founded in Stuttgart in 2007. To promote sustainable building, the organisation has developed a certification system to evaluate particularly environmentally-friendly, resource-saving, economically efficient buildings and accommodation where user comfort is also optimised - the DGNB certificate. DGNB has around 1200 member organisations from all sectors of the building and real estate industry in Germany. A network of partner organisations in numerous countries abroad ensures international adaptation and implementation of the certification system.

Logo Elektromarken - Starke Partner

Elektromarken. Starke Partner.
Quality, innovation, achievement, reliability and design - these are the values you expect from our brand. Therefore we are members of the initiative "Elektromarken. Starke Partner.", which furthers these values. Thus Theben and our partners ensure the quality and service in electrical engineering, support our distribution partners with advertising material, and develop documents for sales promotion.

SMART Living logo

Smart Home / Smart Living are the synonyms for the digitization of the living environment. Extensive Internet access, increasingly networkable components in the home, wireless and mobile communication possibilities open up fundamentally new applications related new business models. Paul Schwenk, Member of the Executive Board Theben AG: "Todays challenge is to make smart solutions – across across manufacturers and technologies intuitively operable. Only then can we fully enjoy the benefits of smart technologies and the topic will be widely accepted by the different target groups. With the „Smart Living“ initiative, we put the optimal foundation."

Logo E-Premiummarken

E-premium brands
High quality standards, regular inspections by independent testing authorities and continuing professional development for employees – this is what distinguishes an E-premium brand partner of the Zentralverbandes der Deutschen Elektro- und Informationstechnischen Handwerke (ZVEH), Germany's central trade association for the industry. When it comes an E-premium brand partner, end customers can expect nothing less than high-quality services and expert advice inspired by state-of-the-art technology.

Logo KNX

KNX Association
KNX is acknowledged as a worldwide standard for building systems engineering. KNX products from different providers can be combined. The KNX Association based in Brussels supervises and enhances this standard along with more than 200 partners: we are one of these partners. More than 21,000 technical companies in 70 countries, more than 50 technical universities, and more than 100 training schools all over the world partner with KNX.

Logo OpenTherm

OpenTherm is a plug & play bus system for heating control. Many gas heating devices are already fitted with an OpenTherm, or the providers offer an optional OpenTherm interface. Theben has a development partnership with the OpenTherm Association. Together we continually further this open standard.