Theben: More than just an employer

Over 550 employees at Haigerloch produce time switches, clock and room thermostats and components for KNX building system control  and other systems. This makes Theben a global leader in the production of products and solutions for energy-efficient controls.

In order to maintain this position, we offer our employees more than just a pleasant working environment.

  • Professional development
    We provide individual support to our staff  in courses and workshops to prevent your job becoming mere routine after your initial training period. We develop your expertise and provide opportunities to gain further qualifications.
  • Work-life balance
    How do you achieve a healthy balance between family life and work? Theben offers flexible working models to enable you to combine the two. Please discuss it with us.
  • Health & care
    Both are very important at Theben. We therefore offer our staff voluntary and free care measures such as our annual health day, weekly calisthenics, workplace activities and much more. Our canteen also makes a contribution with fresh salads and a wide range of dishes.