Our commitments here at home. And further afield.

On the following sites we present institutions, companies and clubs of our region which we support or whose commitment to culture we think worth mentioning.

Schloss Haigerloch

Surrounded by the forests and meadows of the Zollernalb, not far from the Black Forest, the Lake of Constance and the county capital Stuttgart, our Gastschloss presents itself high above the small, picturesque town of Haigerloch. The idyllically situated castle is more than 800 years old and is today an ideal place for recovery and concentration.

Since 1975, the castle is in private hands. It was thoroughly renovated  and reopened  for modern use. In 1981 the doors of the castle opened again for conferences, meetings, presentations as well as for festivals and cultural venues. Thanks to the careful renovation which was awarded the Peter-Haag Preis for special care and preservation of  ancient monuments, the site and character of the castle were preserved. But visitors, who expect knights’ armours, dark dungeons or baroque ceremonial rooms will be disappointed: This kind of romance has ended long before the restoration. Today the historic buildings  are used to combine conference, culture and high-quality gastronomy.

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Malawi - A future for children


The association exists to help children in South Africa, and in Malawi in particular, who have lost either one or both of their parents. The association was founded by Father Andreas Edele. His dedication has brought about a close personal bond between the local nuns on the ground in Malawi and the members of the association back in Haigerloch. As well as leading to the establishment of personal relationships, this has also created the necessary transparency to provide assurances that 100% of the donations made are actually reaching those in need.

Christmas in a box

Christmas in a Shoebox

Christmas: the celebration of family, joy - and gifts. A privilege that is unfortunately all too often reserved for many children who find themselves in "oppressive life situations". This is how the organisation "Samaritan's Purse e.V." describes it in the company brochure. With "Christmas in a Shoebox", the non-profit Christian organisation has launched a campaign that, with the support of private individuals, schools, church congregations or companies, brings joy to children in Eastern European countries at Christmas with boxes full of presents.

As a company with a high degree of social commitment, it was a matter of the heart for Theben AG to participate in the campaign. The contents of the boxes were donated by the company, while the employees' donation covers the costs of transport, logistics and training for the volunteers at "Samaritan's Purse e.V." For "Christmas in a Shoebox", gift wrapping paper with Christmas motifs and the logos of Theben AG and PEZET AG was specially designed and the packages were packed by almost 50 employees at two packing parties. More than 180 parcels were collected, and the recipients could look forward to crayons, skipping ropes or footballs, cuddly animals and toys - of course, all specially adapted to the age and gender of the children. After a break due to Corona, this commitment is to be taken up again in the coming years.


Tim Berresheim portrait, photographer Anna Gala

Is this art or can it click?

As is well known, Paul Eberhard Schwenk maintained a close connection to art for many years. In the past, Haigerloch Castle also served as a venue for nationally renowned exhibitions and concerts. This tradition was revived for the company's anniversary through the collaboration with Tim Berresheim.

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Electricians without borders

They come from different fields of expertise. They all work voluntarily for their association "Elektriker ohne Grenzen e.V.". Together they work towards a common goal: To examine, promote and implement projects in the energy sector for the needy local population worldwide. In remote mountain villages in Vietnam, photovoltaic systems are installed in cooperation with the villagers to bring electric light to schools and community centres.

Theben Christmas Singers TCS

Theben Christmas Singers

For more than ten years, the "Theben Christmas Singers & Friends" have been performing at various Christmas markets in the region and collecting donations for charitable causes.

At a private performance and the performances at the Christmas markets in Haigerloch and Rottenburg a.N. and the village Christmases in Bad Imnau and Gruol, the TCS had set up their guitar case in 2019 and every euro that ended up in it from the audience, listeners and fans was donated - to people who unfortunately do not have it so good. The proud sum of €5,500 raised in this way was topped up to €7,000 by Theben AG. Half of the donations will now go to the Förderverein für krebskranke Kinder Tübingen e. V. and half to Tiago from Binsdorf, Tiago - FightforHope. Little Tiago and his parents visited us for the donation handover.


Orphanage Cameroon

Orphanage Cameroon

Through a partner agency, with which Theben AG has already been working successfully for years in the area of corporate image, contact was made in 2020 with a project in Cameroon. The mother of our contact person had helped to build an orphanage for around 50 children there and asked whether Theben AG could provide lighting using LED spotlights with motion sensors. Anyone who looks at the photo from Cameroon will understand why we were happy to support this project!