One for all - all for one

The issues of sustainability, climate change and ecological diversity concern us all. That's why everyone at Theben cares: from our apprentices to the board of directors. Every little contribution counts and together we can achieve incredible things. That's what we believe.

Why our e-trainees are real trailblazers?

Because we train them to be energy scouts at the same time. Scouts of energy saving.

At Theben, we develop products whose own energy consumption is to be reduced by up to 10% from generation to generation. To achieve this, we need specialists who think ahead and find solutions that no one has thought of yet. That is why we are already turning our trainees into energy-saving scouts.

Sustainability: Paul Schwenk

Why does our Board of Directors sit on the sustainability team?

Because environmental policy is a management task. That's how we reach decisions faster.

Today, environmental goals have an impact on all business processes. From energy consumption to supply chain validation to waste reduction, it's easier to get things done when the decision-maker is at the table.

Why do we invest sums in the Madertal?

Because our bees are busy producing honey there. A small contribution to blooming landscapes.

Blooming landscapes are only created through sustainable diligence. Bee diligence. That is the spirit that drives us. And that is the reason why we have settled bee colonies in the Mader Valley. Because they make an important contribution to the preservation of our biodiversity. Right on our doorstep.

Vegetarian menus

Why do we offer vegetarian menus in our canteen?

Because they are delicious! And we make an active contribution to climate protection with regional and seasonal cuisine.

70 per cent of the direct greenhouse gas emissions from our diet are due to animal products. Vegetable food, on the other hand, causes significantly less harmful climate gases. So there are good reasons to offer vegetarian and occasionally vegan menus in our canteen. In this way, we are not only doing something good for our health, but also for our blue planet.


And why we don't stop there yet?

Because when it comes to sustainability, it can never be enough. That is why we are already working intensively on the following topics at the moment:

Icons Nachhatligkeit Baeume pflanzen 520x293px2

Plant trees

Auf dem Schlossfeld können einige Quadratmeter Wald aufgeforstet werden.

Icons Nachhatligkeit Blumenwiese 520x293px

Plant a flower meadow

Our gravel beds are being transformed into insect-friendly flower meadows.

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Give a flower meadow as a gift

Gifts keep friendship alive. Let's give away sponsorships for flower meadows.

Icons Nachhatligkeit Insektenhotel 520x293px

Building insect hotels

Construction of different beneficial insect houses and joint installation in the city area.