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Save energy and increase comfort

KNX has long been established as the global standard for house and building automation. Room climate, lighting and blinds control - all these are classic functions of KNX. KNX systems are suitable for both functional buildings and private homes. But KNX is much more than a bus system. It is as versatile as life itself.

KNX systems offer the technical possibilities to turn a building into a Smart Home or Smart Building, to use energy more efficiently and to increase people's comfort and quality of life. Find out here how you can best use KNX with Theben for yourself and your customers.


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What is KNX?

KNX technologies from Theben allow all building functions to be seamlessly networked, programmed and controlled. But what actually is a KNX system? How does KNX technology work? What are the advantages? And how can KNX building automation solutions be programmed? Here you will gain valuable background knowledge that will take you further.

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LEDs open up completely new possibilities in terms of energy efficiency and lighting design. But how can LED light sources be reliably switched and dimmed in KNX building automation? Where are the technical challenges to ensure that KNX and LED harmonise optimally? And which KNX LED dimmers or dimming actuators and KNX switching actuators from Theben offer efficient solutions here? You can find out more here.

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KNX products

Whether KNX presence detectors or KNX motion detectors, KNX actuators (also as radio actuators), push-buttons or weather stations as well as KNX DALI gateways or KNX Smart Home systems: In the Theben product range you will find the right solutions for every need. Of course with secure communication through KNX Data Secure. See for yourself!

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KNX applications and solutions

What can you actually do with KNX? How about a lighting control with dimming function and orientation light? Blind control with sun position tracking? A room climate control with CO2 sensors? Or a temperature control with fan coil actuator? No problem: KNX products and KNX solutions from Theben offer an enormous range of applications for almost any requirement.

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KNX Brochure

In our solution brochure Cleverly automated. KNX home and building automation you will find everything you need to know about KNX systems, KNX technologies, KNX & LEDs, KNX products and suitable applications. Download it now!

Buidling management with KNX

Another key to the success of human centered building automation is the transition to the operational phase and the long-term use of the building. It is imperative that detectors and sensors are properly commissioned so that they function correctly and according to plan. Detectors that detect incorrectly or only according to factory settings cannot provide an optimal result.

The transmission of knowledge then has another crucial task, because just as usage can change, building technology should also be able to be adapted to a certain extent. However, this can mean that even after years, specialist personnel must still be able to intervene in the systems - in practice however, this is often not the case. BIM can make a decisive contribution at this point if the model is kept up to date as a digital twin throughout the entire life cycle of a building, thus enabling a deep insight into the technical equipment at any time. In addition, the KNX configuration must be accessible and adaptable even after many years.