LUXORplay app


LUXORliving is the simple smart home system from Theben, offering all-round home comfort, whilst avoiding unnecessary waste. Switching lights on and off. Dimming. Regulating heating and controlling blinds. That's what it's all about. LUXORplay is the app for convenient, secure and really easy operation of LUXORliving via WLAN and remote access via Theben Cloud.

Key functions at a glance:

  • Individual scenarios: Lighting moods and roller blind positions are freely programmable and can be called up on demand with a command. This way, everyone can put together the set of scenes he or she wants.

  • Safe panic function: Via the panic button, previously defined actions such as “All lights on” and “All blinds up” can be called up at the push of a button.

  • Control centre OFF: When the day is ending or the residents are going out, all integrated consumers can be switched off with a single command using the Control centre OFF function.

  • Clever presence simulation: When the residents are at home, they use LUXORliving. When they're not at home, LUXORliving is of use to them. The clever smart home system simulates presence, while the residents can enjoy their holiday without having to worry.