iONplay app


The iONplay app can be used to operate all functions of the iON 108 KNX room controller easily and securely. With the iON 108 KNX, up to 20 functions can be controlled in a KNX-based smart building, such as switching and dimming light, controlling drives, sending values, setting colour and colour temperature, and many more.
Thanks to the secure and simple connection of the iONplay app via Bluetooth, no special network settings or knowledge are required. This type of connection is particularly ideal for use in meeting rooms or hotel rooms, as users do not need access to an IP network to be able to conveniently operate the iON 108 KNX via their smartphone.

Key functions at a glance:

  • The iON 108 KNX also has an integrated room temperature controller, which can be conveniently operated via the iONplay app as well.

  • In the iONplay app, users can also set up and call up their own individual scenes. With just one click, the light can be dimmed to a defined value, drives can be positioned, light colour and brightness can be adjusted, and consumers can be switched on or off.