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LUXORliving Sensfloor Aragon3

Working together for a safe home

Haigerloch 15 May 2024 - Theben, Future Shape and ProKNX aim to cooperate in the field of AAL / Fall monitoring and call for help possible  

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thePiccola KNX 2090200 09 1290x726 72dpi

Added security thanks to KNX Data Secure: thePiccola KNX Mini presence detector

(Haigerloch, March 1, 2024) thePiccola Mini presence detector from Theben for motion and brightness-dependent lighting control is now also available for KNX systems and protected against tampering thanks to KNX Data Secure.

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LUXA 103 KNX IP54 12690x726 web

Now also for KNX: Theben LUXA 103 presence detector for indoors and outdoors

(Haigerloch, 1 March 2024) KNX presence detector for lighting and HVAC control / Special corridor detectors / Day/night switching

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LUXORliving Smart Start 1290x726px web 01

LUXORliving Smart Start: Simply retrofit KNX Smart Home via radio

(Haigerloch, 1 March 2024) The growing demands for sustainable construction are increasing the importance of renovating and retrofitting existing buildings. With the radio-based KNX Smart Home system LUXORliving Smart Start, apartments, single and multi-family homes, medical practices, stores or offices can be retrofitted with KNX-based Smart Home functions, even if no KNX installation is available.

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4961615 1290x726px web

Simply retrofit smart home functions wirelessly: With Theben RF push-button actuator modules

(Haigerloch, March 1, 2024) The new RF push-button actuator modules from Theben combine a KNX RF actuator (dimming, switching, blind control) with a push-button. The devices with an installation depth of just 25.6 mm are compatible with many 55 mm switch ranges and can be easily installed in conventional switch boxes. 

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BK Th231213 0146 1290x726px

Ground-breaking ceremony for an investment worth millions

(Haigerloch, December 19, 2023) The ground-breaking ceremony for Theben AG's new logistics centre has taken place: the company is expanding its production site in the Madertal industrial estate in Haigerloch.

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KNX UP Aktoren KNXDataSecure Collage web

KNX retrofit offers security

(Haigerloch, 10th November 2023) Older existing properties are often no longer up to date in terms of their electrical installations. With a KNX RF system, they can be made fit for the future with little effort.

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theLuxa P300 Montage 1290x726

theLuxa P300 KNX motion detector: Comfortable safety thanks to automatic lighting

(Haigerloch, 1st October 2023) When it comes to the reliable control of lighting for outdoor facilities, parking lots and entrance areas, motion detectors with KNX connection are leading problem solvers. TheLuxa P300 KNX motion detectors, with their extensive applications and integrated brightness and temperature sensors, always ensure optimal control of the lighting.

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2 Theben KNX Schulungskoffer web

KNX and Smart Home cases facilitate training. Perfectly matched exercise cases - A well thought-out system

(August 2023) The practice-oriented KNX and Smart Home education in teaching often comes up short due to the incomplete and missing materials. Trainees lose valuable time for programming and simulating necessary work steps. The Theben training cases are a perfect solution for the training area due to the many different devices and application possibilities. In the blink of an eye, everyday actions can be tested, learned and repeated.

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Theben Melderlabor SENSlab 1290x726

Theben opens Europe’s most modern detector laboratory

Haigerloch - Precise, repeatable measurements in a standardised environment: this is what Theben AG's new "sensLAB" detector laboratory offers at the company's headquarters in Haigerloch. From February, the laboratory with its extensive measuring equipment will go into full operation. In the future, the company will be able to quickly and independently test its own product developments from the group of passive infrared detectors (PIR). “Shorter development times and rapid feedback on even small changes in the product were the decisive factors for building our own measurement laboratory,” reports Robertino Saupp, Head of Business Unit Detection & Lighting. “We can also take samples for quality control from production on a regular basis.”

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2079900 06a GB EN PI web

Clean air for healthy learning

(Haigerloch, 10 January 2022) CO2 sensor detects air quality / great benefit for daycare centres and schools / One component, two functions

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Steuerbox TC649 Produktbild web

Energy-saving control box for branch businesses

(Haigerloch) This autumn, the new regulations of the Energy Saving Act caught many businesses off guard, because suddenly the operation of illuminated or light-emitting advertising installations is prohibited between 10 pm and 6 am. Most branch businesses in the retail sector are not set up to suddenly change lighting scenarios or to control lamps according to time instead of daylight. Since the systems are often decentralised, each individual branch must be adapted and equipped with new components such as time switches. This is not very efficient, as each branch has to call in a technician when changes are made.

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Theben 01 Paul Schwenk web2

Theben AG sharpens brand profile: With Human Centered Building Automation against the energy and climate crisis

(Frankfurt a.M./ Haigerloch, 2nd Oktober 2022) Ever since it was founded, Theben AG has been dedicated to developing products that support the efficient use of energy. What began with the invention of the staircase timer by company founder Paul Schwenk in 1921 has developed into a wide range of products for the conscious use of the resource 'energy'. A subject area that has taken on a new, almost existential urgency due to the dramatic development in gas and electricity prices.

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thePixa Produktansichten 24V 1200x627 72dpi

Perfect for retrofitting: Optical presence detector thePixa KNX now also available as a 24 V DC variant

(Haigerloch, 1. September 2022) The optical presence detector thePixa KNX from Theben is now available not only as a 230 V version but also with a 24 V variant and is thus also suitable for retrofitting. The functional scope as well as the added value compared to conventional KNX presence detectors remain unchanged.

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iON Farbvarianten Collage en 72dpi

KNX push-button sensors and room controller iON: Now also in black and silver

(Haigerloch, 1 September 2022) Theben is supplementing the white iON push button sensors and room controllers with variants in black and silver. As before, they can be used to control a wide range of functions in KNX building automation and in the KNX Smart Home system LUXORliving at the touch of a button. From light and blind control to room temperature control and saving and calling up individual scenes.

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Alexa Kueche 410x230px2

Simply open for everything: Theben LUXORliving Smart Home System integrates IFTTT and Home Connect Plus

(Haigerloch, 1 September 2022) The LUXORliving smart home system from Theben not only offers the ideal basis for flexible expansions thanks to its open KNX technology but now other technologies and smart services such as IFTTT and Home Connect Plus can also be seamlessly integrated.

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DALI 2 RoomSolution 1290x727

DALI-2 lighting systems as easy as DALI Broadcast: with the DALI-2 Room Solution by Theben

(Haigerloch, 1. March 2022) With the DALI-2 Room Solution, Theben AG presents an all-round solution for individual rooms consisting of presence detectors and sensors, push-button interfaces and switch actuators with HCL functionality, RGBW light and time-controlled functions. DALI-2 components such as ballasts made by other manufacturers can be seamlessly integrated. Programming can be carried out via a user-friendly app.

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1030052 LUXA 103 1290x726

The new definition of standard: The new LUXA 103 presence detectors for indoor and outdoor use

(Haigeroch, 1st of March 2022) Theben AG presents the new LUXA 103 presence detectors for efficient lighting and HVAC control both indoors and outdoors. The device family includes presence detectors with a circular detection area for individual and open-plan offices, meeting and storage rooms, basements and toilets, as well as special corridor presence detectors with a rectangular detection area. The surface-mounted devices in black, white or grey blend into any design concept.

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theMura 2060650 01 03 NN PI 288 1290x726

Now perfect for KNX too: Theben the Mura motion/presence detector for wall mounting

(Haigeroch, 1st of March 2022) Theben AG expands its range of theMura motion and presence detectors for wall mounting. Alongside 230 V models, devices are now also available with integrated buttons for use in the KNX building management system and the KNX-based LUXORliving smart home system.

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CHEOPS S KNX Stellantrieb 1290x726px

Perfectly shaped and versatile: Electromotive actuator Cheops S KNX from Theben

(Haigerloch, 1 March 2022) Theben presents the new electromotive actuator Cheops S KNX for controlling heating and cooling systems in KNX building automation. Cheops S KNX combines a high maximum actuating force of up to 220 N with great flexibility thanks to two binary inputs and maximum security with KNX Data Secure.

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thePixa Perspective plus GIA 1290x726 2021 04 29

thePixa KNX optical presence detector for optimised building automation and building operation

(Haigerloch, 18 May 2021) Theben's thePixa KNX optical presence detector detects how many people are in a room and where exactly they are located. This information is used to trigger predefined actions in the KNX building control system. It's not just the building automation features that stand to gain – there's also a great deal of added value for building operators, such as flexible options for configuring desk-sharing and optimising room occupancy and building cleaning activities.

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The legend lives on: theben-timer 26 as a 100 year anniversary edition

(Haigerloch, May 1st, 2021) To mark Theben AG's centenary, the company is presenting an anniversary edition of the theben-timer 26 in three special colors. The analogue plug-in time switch was developed in 1976 and has since become a bestseller in Theben’s product range with over 33 million devices sold worldwide.

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1927 Paul Schwenk 1290x726

100 years of Theben: Evolution from a time switch specialist into a provider of complete systems for intelligent, networked buildings

(Haigerloch, 2021-02-22) By the time Paul Schwenk founded his “specialist factory for electrical switching gadgets” in Stuttgart on 22 February 1921, he was certainly very well prepared for this new stage in his career. Born in Heidenheim on the eastern Swabian Alb in 1889, he had already trained as a precision engineer with a church clock maker in Ulm and had then spent many years working for a time switch manufacturer in Stuttgart, earning his title of master craftsman in the process. The masterpiece of his career turned out to be a “3-minute timer for staircase lighting”. In 1919, he had developed a “remote time switch” that warned people on the staircase that the light was about to switch off. This was patented in 1921.

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ELPA 1950 1290x726

100 years of Theben: 100 years of building automation Greater energy efficiency. Greater comfort.

(Haigerloch, 2021-02-22) In 2021, Theben celebrates its 100th anniversary. A lot has happened in the course of those 100 years. Since it invented the staircase light timer switch, the company has developed into a leading manufacturer of time, light and climate control technology as well as KNX, smart home and smart energy solutions. Its classic products – such as the practical theben-timer that simply plugs into a socket or the ELPA staircase light timer switch, which is still in production today (albeit in an optimised form) – have become legendary and not just among experts! But there's much more to Theben than that. Over the past 100 years, Theben has passed innumerable technological milestones, which we would now like to explore in a bit more detail here.

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Paul Schwenk 2016 07 1290x726

100 years of building automation: 5 questions with Paul Sebastian Schwenk CEO of Theben AG

(Haigerloch, 2021-02-22) When founder Paul Schwenk registered the company “Spezialfabrikation elektr. Schaltapparate” in the Stuttgart commercial register in 1921, he never could have imagined the success story of the modern-day Theben AG. However, at the time, he laid the foundation for the family business, which now enjoys success on a global scale. What started with a patent issued in 1921 for the first staircase light timer switch has now developed into an extensive product portfolio covering time and light control, climate control, KNX building system technology, smart home and solutions for digitalising the energy revolution.

In this interview, Paul Sebastian Schwenk, CEO of Theben AG and great-grandson of the company founder discusses the history of Theben and reflects on the current and future challenges for the company.

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Theben Haigerloch, Produktion Madertal

Theben Group acquires trademark rights from Grässlin

(Haigerloch, 2021-02-05) In the course of the insolvency proceedings of Grässlin GmbH in St. Georgen, the Theben Group will acquire various trademarks of the company with effect from February 1, 2021. Business operations will be resumed and in the future will take place under the new Grässlin Zeitschalttechnik GmbH.

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the mura designpreis 410x230

Perfect design: Theben theMura motion/presence detector receives German Design Award 2021

(Haigerloch, 18th January 2021) The Theben theMura motion/presence detectors for wall mounting have recently won the prestigious German Design Award 2021 in the “Building and Elements” category. The devices look great in any interior thanks to their particularly sleek and attractive design.

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2079900 06a NN PI

A compact solution to improve air quality: thePrema P360 KNX Multi presence detector with CO2 sensor

(Haigerloch, 18th January 2021) The thePrema P360 KNX Multi presence detector from Theben with an integrated CO2 sensor detects not only the presence of people, but also the CO2 concentration in the room. With this device, targeted ventilation can be used to minimise harmful aerosols in the air and improve internal air quality.

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AMUN716CO2 3462 1290x726

The easy way to improve ventilation: The mobile AMUN 716 CO2 Monitor

(Haigerloch, 18th January 2021) The mobile AMUN 716 CO2 Monitor from Theben reliably indicates the CO2 concentration in the room using a traffic light display. With this device, targeted ventilation can be used in places such as classrooms and offices in order to minimise harmful aerosols in the air, improve room air quality and reduce heating costs.

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theben F3 Shooting 16 07 211845 GPTW

Attractive employer: Theben certified as a Great Place to Work®

(Haigerloch, 18th January 2021) Theben AG has recently been recognised as an attractive employer for 2021 in the context of the Great Place to Work® Certified certification programme. The certification is partly based on anonymous feedback provided by company employees.

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Vorstand Sell+Schwenk+Matthesius 1290x726 72dpi

Paul Sebastian Schwenk takes over as Chairman of the Board of Management at Theben AG and Michael Matthesius is the new Chief Technology Officer

(Haigerloch, 1st of September 2020) Theben AG announces two major personnel changes at senior executive level. Paul Sebastian Schwenk is to take up office as Chairman of the Board of Management from 1 September 2020. Michael Matthesius will take up his position as Chief Technology Officer on the same day.  Theben is a family-run company which was founded in 1921. In making these appointments, it is indicating a clear commitment to strengthening the ability of the company to innovate and adapt to future challenges.

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Theben selected as champion of innovation

(Überlingen, 19th June 2020)  Out with the old, in with the new. That’s the philosophy innovative SMEs like Haigerloch-based Theben AG are adopting as they face the new world in front of them, viewing it as something to embrace rather than fear. It was this spirit that propelled Theben into the 27th edition of Germany’s TOP 100 competition to find the country’s most innovative businesses – and as of 19 June, it can officially count itself among those ranks.

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KNX iON104 Tastsensor

KNX tactile sensor and room controller iON

(Haigerloch, 2nd April 2020) Switch on and dim lights, raise and lower blinds, control the room temperature, save and call up individual scenes: With Theben iON tactile sensors and room controllers, a wide range of functions in every KNX-based smart building and in the LUXORliving smart home system can be controlled simply by pressing a button. 

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KNX RF UP Aktoren Header 1290x726

KNX RF flush-mounted actuators with KNX Data Secure

(Haigerloch, 2nd April 2020) Theben KNX RF flush-mounted actuators and media couplers allow simple and wireless extension or retrofitting of KNX-based smart home systems. Only Theben KNX RF flush-mounted actuators currently feature encryption according to the KNX Data Secure standard. This reliably protects communication from interception and tampering.

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LX Wettersensorik 1290x726

Modular weather sensors for LUXORliving smart home systems

(Haigerloch, 2nd April 2020) The modular weather sensors from Theben allow several independent LUXORliving smart home systems to be connected to one shared weather sensor. This allows blinds, awnings and roller blinds in various LUXORliving systems to be controlled by a single weather station sensor, depending on the weather.

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Bewegungs-/Präsenzmelder theMura

Perfectly versatile: theMura motion/presence detector from Theben for standard switch ranges

(Haigerloch, Germany, 24 October 2019) Theben AG presents the new theMura 2 and 3-wire motion/presence detectors for wall mounting. Thanks to the optional bezel frames, these universal wall detectors can be used for the switch ranges of all major manufacturers.

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The first invisible clock thermostat

(Haigerloch, Germany, 24 October 2019) The clock thermostat RAMSES BLE UP from Theben is completely hidden in the flush-mounted box under the blind cover or box lid. The device can be used with any standard switch range and blends seamlessly into any interior design.

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Smart Home-System Theben LUXORliving mit sicherem Fernzugriff

Smart control: LUXORliving smart home system provides secure remote access

(Haigerloch, Germany, 24 October 2019) The LUXORliving smart home system from Theben can now also be controlled and administrated online via the Theben cloud. The BSI-certified data centre in Germany guarantees maximum data security and reliable protection against manipulation attempts.

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DIMAX 544 plus P Header 1290x726 1 EN

Simple installation, app control, perfect for LEDs: Universal dimmer DIMAX 544 plus P with Bluetooth technology

(Haigerloch, Germany, 1 October 2019) Theben AG presents the new DIMAX 544 plus P universal dimmer for flush-mounting. The compact housing makes installation considerably easier. The integrated Bluetooth technology means that it can be conveniently operated using the MAXplus smartphone app (iOS, Android).

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KNX-Funk-Aktoren zur Unterputz-Montage

Protected against manipulation thanks to KNX Data Secure: Theben KNX wireless actuators for flush-mounting

(Haigerloch, Germany, 1 October 2019) Theben AG is expanding its range of KNX RF products with new KNX RF flush-mounted actuators and media couplers. Encryption through KNX Data Secure ensures communication is optimally protected against tapping and manipulation.

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Funk-Aktoren LUXORliving

The perfect addition: Wireless actuators for the LUXORliving smart home system

(Haigerloch, Germany, 1 October 2019) With the new LUXORliving wireless actuators, extensions such as conservatories or conversions such as attics can be integrated into an existing wire-based smart home system quickly and easily. Encryption through KNX Data Secure ensures communication is optimally protected against tapping and manipulation.

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License-free and intuitive: LUXORliving, the new smart home system for your house

(Haigerloch, 1 March 2018) LUXORliving is essentially a certified KNX system. But contrary to a conventional KNX installation, LUXORliving only uses the functions that are absolutely necessary. This is precisely what makes LUXORliving so incomparably easy to install and operate. Switching on and dimming lights, regulating heating and controlling shade, as well as using the clever panic function is child's play. And LUXORliving makes it happen.

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Präsenzmelder thePassa für Flure und Gänge

Efficient lighting in tight spaces: the new thePassa presence detectors for corridors and hallways

(Haigerloch, March 2018) Theben presents the new thePassa presence detectors for energy-efficient, presence-dependent lighting control in corridors, hallways and high bay warehouses. Thanks to two detection areas that can be controlled separately, both lighting areas can be precisely separated, switched on and off and controlled (KNX version).  

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LED-Strahler theLeda B mit Bewegungsmelder

Always illuminating: The new Theben theLeda B LED spotlight

(Haigerloch, March 2018) Theben presents theLeda B: a flat, modular LED spotlight with optional motion detector or twilight sensor.

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Präsenzmelder theRonda S KNX

Remarkably discreet. Ever-present. The new theRonda S KNX presence detectors

(Haigerloch, March 2018) Theben presents the new theRonda S360 KNX presence detectors designed for presence-dependent, energy-efficient control of lighting and air conditioning indoors. Thanks to its particularly flat design which is just 5 mm thick, the theRonda S360 KNX FLAT DE is virtually invisible when integrated in the ceiling. 

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Präsenzmelder theRonda S UP Deckeneinbau

Quite simple. Ever-present. The new theRonda S UP presence detectors

(Haigerloch, March 2018) Theben is extending its range of theRonda presence detectors designed for energy-efficient, presence-dependent control of lighting and air conditioning for ceiling installation in a flush-mounted box.

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theSenda B 01 1290x726 en

App-solute programming ease: With the new theSenda Plug app for presence and motion detectors

(Haigerloch March 2018) With theSenda Plug, Theben presents a user-friendly app for easy programming of indoor and outdoor detectors. Combined with the new theSenda B remote control, the parameters on all Theben presence and motion detectors for indoor and outdoor applications can be set and operated quickly, easily and safely.   

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Heizungsaktor HMT 6 S KNX

More intelligence in heating control: The new HMT 6 S/12 S KNX heating actuators

(Haigerloch, March 2018) Theben AG presents the new HMT 6 S/12 S KNX heating actuators for installation in the heating circuit distributor. KNX heating actuators assist the automatic adjustment of the flow temperature to the actual demand, thereby delivering considerable energy savings.

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DALI Gateway KNX

Infinitely variable coloured and white light: With the new Theben DALI Gateway KNX plus

(Haigerloch, March 2018) Theben is optimising the previous DALI Gateway KNX with a firmware update. With the new DALI Gateway KNX plus, KNX commands can now be used to infinitely control lighting colour, brightness and colour temperature as per DT8 according to IEC 62386-209.

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top3 EN 01 1290x726

Changing times – top2 becomes top3: The new top3 digital time switches

(Haigerloch, 1 September 2017) Theben AG replaces their multi-million selling top2 devices by the redesigned top3 series of digital time switches. Highlights include convenient programming via app, easy and secure data transfer via Bluetooth OBELISK top3 dongle, as well as high LED output of 600 W. At the same time, top3 is a hundred per cent compatible with the top2 devices.

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KNX-Spannungsversorgungen und Tasterschnittstellen

Simply more for KNX: KNX power supplies and KNX button interfaces

(Haigerloch, 1. September 2017) Theben AG presents new power supplies and button interfaces for KNX building automation. The KNX power supplies impress with an especially high long-term stability. The KNX button interfaces provide flexible LED control of customary, dimmable LEDs.

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theLuxa R Bewegungsmelder für den Außenbereich

Completely safe. Under the toughest conditions. theLuxa R motion detector from Theben

(Haigerloch, 1 September 2017) Theben AG presents the new theLuxa R motion detector for readily accessible areas such as schoolyards, sports grounds, car parks, public facilities and social amenities. Thanks to their robust housing with concealed operating controls and secure front cover, the devices are optimally protected against damage and manipulation.

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Bewegungsmelder LUXA 103-100 UA mit Akustikfunktion

LUXA 103-100 UA motion detector with acoustic function

(Haigerloch, 1 September 2017) Theben AG presents the new LUXA 103-100 UA motion detector with acoustic function, for instance for lavatories and toilets. While the motion detector is activated by the PIR sensor, the integrated microphone sets the time delay and switches off the light, as soon as no further noise is detected in the room.

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Raumthermostate RAMSES 718 KNX

More efficient heating made simple: RAMSES 718 S/P KNX room thermostat

(Haigerloch, 1 September 2017) Theben AG presents the new RAMSES 718 S/P KNX room thermostats for efficient heating control in KNX building automation in a permanent or 2-point version. Apart from new functions and four external inputs, they adopt the design language of the other KNX living space devices, thereby ensuring a consistent appearance.

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CO2-Sensor AMUN 716 S KNX

Optimum air quality. For a perfect living climate: The new AMUN 716 S KNX CO2 sensor

(Haigerloch, 1 September 2017) Theben AG presents the new AMUN 716 S KNX CO2 sensor. It can be used to control ventilation systems in KNX building automation depending on the air inside the room, and - thanks to the integrated temperature controller - control the room temperature more efficiently.


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theLeda P24 LED-Strahler Orientierungslicht Dämmerungsfunktion

Look better, are brighter and more intelligent: The new theLeda P LED spotlights

(Haigerloch, 1 September 2016) The new premium LED spotlights from Theben support a range of functions that is unrivalled at the current time: orientation light, dimming function, self-learning night switch-off and many more. The special design of the LED panels enables light to be emitted laterally, so that the area close to the wall is illuminated. The result is a much friendlier impression compared to conventional directional spotlights.

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