theLuxa P300 KNX motion detector: Comfortable safety thanks to automatic lighting

(Haigerloch, 1st October 2023) When it comes to the reliable control of lighting for outdoor facilities, parking lots and entrance areas, motion detectors with KNX connection are leading problem solvers. TheLuxa P300 KNX motion detectors, with their extensive applications and integrated brightness and temperature sensors, always ensure optimal control of the lighting.

Demand-oriented lighting for outdoor areas / Pioneering safety with theLuxa P300 KNX

KNX-controlled motion detectors contribute significantly to greater safety and comfort in outdoor lighting. They are so individually configurable that a wide variety of lighting scenes can be stored for different times of day and situations. However, outdoor security not only means predictive and reliable lighting, but also energy savings with automated response to employee or visitor movement, as lighting is only turned on when needed. Integrated into a KNX system and with its 300° detection range of up to 16 metres and anti-creep protection, theLuxa P300 KNX registers exactly when to show the way. Not only theLuxa P300 KNX scores points for large building systems with its wide detection range, as fewer motion detectors are required to cover larger entrance areas, parking spaces or driveways. It also impresses with its diverse functions in smaller systems and in residential applications.

The brightness thresholds, duty cycle and sensitivity can be individually adjusted via the KNX parameters. In addition, the detector provides brightness and temperature values for visualisation, which are valuable for further applications...



Multiple functions for maximum adaptability

theLuxa P300 KNX can be mounted either on the wall or on the ceiling thanks to its swiveling sensor head. Available in white or black, the motion detector has an integrated, sensitive brightness sensor that can be used as a twilight switch. It also has an integrated temperature sensor. Four motion detector channels respond to temperature and/or brightness and can be time-linked for various lighting applications such as orientation lighting. In the Orientation light setting, a basic illumination of 40% provides orientation in the morning and evening twilight hours. Depending on movement, the brightness switches to 100%. With a run-on time, the lighting is then softly dimmed down again to the level of the orientation light.


Unique in the market: Individual allocation

Another highlight is the three separate motion sensors that reliably detect the area to the left, front and right of the motion detector. One or more of the three motion sensors can be individually assigned to each of the four motion channels. Only theLuxa P300 currently offers this function on the market. It allows, for example, that in case of detected movements from the left side, only the lights on the left side of the building are switched on and in case of movements from the right side, accordingly, only the right side is switched on. A movement from the front could then switch on the lighting on both sides.

Functions such as short-term presence, primary/secondary and two switchable follow-up times can also be programmed on a time-dependent basis thanks to the integrated timer function. Since the lighting conditions in outdoor areas change quickly due to the seasons, Theben has also equipped theLuxa P300 KNX with the clever teach-in function. This offers the convenience of being able to quickly and easily store current lighting conditions based on their lux value.


Easy installation and mounting

Via the ETS, the motion detector can also be easily integrated into the building automation system and easily parameterised. The spacers and corner mounting brackets included in the scope of delivery make installation child's play. For convenient handling, theLuxa P300 KNX can be remotely controlled. This allows two scenes and many settings to be easily controlled from the ground, reducing installation time, lowering costs and making installation safer.

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