KNX products: From the actuator to the weather station

KNX MIX2 actuators

complete, flexible, extendable

The complete range of KNX MIX2 actuators opens up new design possibilities in building automation. All you need is a basic module to which up to two extension modules can be connected. This way you triple the number of output channels per bus device and can switch lights, dim lights, control sun protection or regulate heating - with the modules of your choice. Window and door contacts as well as switches and push-buttons can be integrated via the binary input.

This clever combination saves space in the distribution board and cash. Why? Only the MIX2 basic unit has a bus coupler. This is removable and can be replaced quickly and easily if necessary. And it is also more cost-effective, because the expansion devices can simply be connected to it. This is only available from Theben.

The KNX MIX2 series is ideal for the automation of rooms and single-family homes. For example, when it comes to controlling lighting, sun protection and heating.

As the degree of networking in smart buildings increases, so do the requirements for the security of the individual systems. The KNX Association is responding to this with the "KNX Data Secure" standard. All MIX2 actuators support KNX Data Secure and are therefore optimally protected against data theft and manipulation. Even better: Thanks to the exchangeable bus coupler, MIX modules that are more than 10 years old can also be retrofitted with KNX Data Secure!


The Mix does it: That only exists at Theben

Switching, dimming, controlling, regulating and also saving space in the distribution board - not to mention time and money: The KNX MIX2 actuator series from Theben makes it possible.

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Extendable intelligence

Only the KNX MIX2 basic module has a bus coupler to which the extension modules can be connected. If necessary, it can be easily removed and replaced. The exchangeable bus coupler also allows you to retrofit older MIX2 devices with KNX Data Secure quickly and easily.


Mixing in series

Everything KNX desires

Grafik MIX2 weiss Mixen in Serie EN 520x293

MIX2 benefits at a glance


1. KNX Data Secure - No chance for data theft

The MIX2 devices support KNX Data Secure and thus offer maximum protection against data theft and manipulation. Previous MIX2 devices can also be converted to KNX Data Secure in a few simple steps using the exchangeable bus coupler. You can find out more about KNX Data Secure and MIX2 actuators in our free white paper.


2. Removable bus coupler

The installer mounts the basic unit, the system integrator configures the bus coupler - in the office, conveniently and practically. Before commissioning, the module is simply plugged on - finished. This is cost-effective because an installer with bus knowledge does not necessarily have to be on site for installation and wiring.


3. Cost-efficient extension units

As only the base module is fitted with a bus coupler, the costs for the extension units are reduced by up to one third due to the saved system units. That pays off. Especially in commercial construction. Do the maths!


4. Flexible expandability

Lighting, dimming, heating, air conditioning or controlling sun protection is no problem with KNX MIX2. With MIX2 you can create a KNX system that is individually tailored to each room and its needs. You will only find this flexibility with Theben.

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You can also find all the advantages on our YouTube-Channel.


5. Clearly arranged application

The configuration menus in the ETS are not only identically structured across all actuators, but also very clearly and intuitively designed. Depending on the project and requirement, the desired actuators can be selected via drop-down menus. This can also be done retrospectively in case an extension module with a different range of functions is required. This is only available from Theben.


A good mix - with 129 functions and up to 729 combinations

Schalten MIX2 Icon1 520x293


As you want
On/off with and without delay or staircase light with forewarning
 – as for instance the 4-fold C-load switch actuators - offer you new freedom of action on up to 12 channels. They feature current recognition and are designed for higher lam loads.


KNX Switch actuators


KNX Combination actuators

Dimmen MIX2 Icon2 520x293


But right
No flichering, and attractive, evenly rising brightness level
 with all currently available LED lamps – Theben's universal dimming actuators have already proven themselves in the market. Without exception, they have been enthusiastically received. They are considered to be one of the best dimming actuators of all.

KNX Dimming actuators

Jalousien MIX2 Icon3 520x293


Flexible control
With the switch/blinds actuators you can switch and control as you like. From 4 to 8 or 12 blinds, or 24 switching channels. Or mixed. Everything just with three modules. This gives you more freedom in the use of the channels because you can assign them as you please afterwards.


KNX Switch/blinds actuators

KNX Combination actuators

Heizen MIX2 Icon4 520x293


Can be so cheap
With the heating actuators, Theben offers you the possibility of capturing the temperature in the individual rooms with affordable temperature sensors. Temperature control takes place in the actuator itself.


KNX Heating actuators

Binaereingaenge MIX2 Icon5 520x293

Binary inputs

Universal usability
Theben binary inputs cover the full range of contacts and voltages – whether floating contacts, 24 V, or 230 V. Each of the binary inputs offers six channels. That means more flexibility and greater investment security. Also, for ease of maintenance or service, each channel can be tested via manual operation.


KNX Binary inputs

Example room solution with MIX2 actuators

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Conference room

1.    Manual switching/dimming of lighting, blinds and sun protection
2.   Message "room occupied"
3.    Scene controls (incl. a scene for switching off, moving up and vacation of room)

Operation is optionally via iON tactile sensors or conventional push buttons with KNX push button interface or Multifunctiondisplay VARIA 826 S KNX.


Base module RMG 4 U KNX

  • LED lighting of wall
  • Message „Occupied“
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Extension module JME 4 T KNX

  • Blinds/curtains
  • External blinds
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Hotel room or apartment

1.    Manual switching/dimming of lighting and blinds
2.    Scene controls
3.    Fan control
4.    Central switching off via Hotel Card switch
5.    Emergency alarm in the bathroom
6.    Monitoring of windows for room climate control and outdoor monitoring
7.    Message "Do not disturb" and "Clean"

Operation via conventional buttons with KNX button interface.


Base module BMG 6 T KNX

  • Card switch (hotel)
  • Emergency alarm in the bathroom
  • Window contact
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Extension module RME 4 I KNX

  • Socket outlets left/right bed
  • Socket outlet floor/table lamp
  • LED lighting
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Extension module RME 8 T KNX

  • Corridor LED lighting
  • Bathroom LED lighting
  • Bathroom lighting, mirror
  • Bathroom fan
  • 2x blinds/curtains
  • 2x messages
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Floor of a single-family house

1.    Manual switching/dimming of lighting
2.    Fan control
3.    Room heating control
4.    Central switching off

Operation and temperature measurement via KNX button of various manufacturers.


Base module HMG 6 T KNX

  • 6x heating circuits for radiator or underfloor heating
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Extension module RME 8 S KNX

  • Bedroom socket outlets, bed
  • Bedroom LED lighting
  • Corridor LED lighting
  • Bathroom LED lighting, ceiling
  • Bathroom LED lighting, mirror
  • Toilet lighting
  • Toilet fan
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Extension module DME 2 T KNX

  • Childrens's room 1 LED lighting
  • Childdren's room 2 LED lighting


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KNX FIX actuators for functional buildings

Ready, steady, optimal

Those who do not need the modularity of Theben MIX2 actuators but are looking for maximum flexibility and functional diversity will find the perfect alternative in the new FIX1 and FIX2 KNX compact actuators. And a cost-effective one at that. For example, the RM 16 T KNX switching/blind actuator with 16 relays can control a mix of luminaires and blinds and is perfectly suited for use in commercial buildings, e.g. office buildings, public buildings, educational institutions or hotels. In other words, wherever lighting and sun protection control are required in one room.


KNX DALI gateways

Making more out of light automatically

Theben_DALI-2 Room Solution_Gateway P64 KNX

Connecting worlds: Multi-master DALI gateway P64 KNX

  • Multi-master application controller
  • 1-channel for 64 EBs and 8 DALI-2 motion detectors or light sensors
  • Individual control or in 16 groups
  • Coloured light control with Device Type 8 (DT8), individually or in groups
  • Time-dependent colour control
  • Scene module for 16 scenarios
  • Effect module for sequential control 
  • Energy saving by switching off the EB power supply in the groups (communication object)
  • Easy replacement of EBs in the event of a fault
  • DALI start-up via free ETS app (DCA) or integrated web server
  • Secure communication thanks to KNX Data Secure

Multi-Master DALI Gateway P64 KNX


DALI 2 Gateways 1 1290x726 en

Theben_DALI-2 Room Solution_Gateway S64 & S128

DALI gateway S64 and S128 KNX Common functions:

  • Single-master application controller
  • 1-channel for 64 EBs/2-channel for 2x 64 EBs
  • Individual control or in 16 groups
  • Coloured light control with Device Type 8 (DT8)
  • Time-dependent colour control
  • Scene module for 16 scenarios
  • Energy saving by switching off the EB power supply in the groups (communication object)
  • Easy replacement of EBs in the event of a fault
  • DALI start-up via free ETS app (DCA)

DALI-Gateway S64 KNX     DALI-Gateway S128 KNX


DALI 2 Gateways 2 1290x726 en

DALI Gateway KNX plus

DALI-Gateway KNX plus:

    • The DALI Gateway KNX serves as an interface between the the DALI and the KNX system
    • A maximum of 64 DALI members can be connected to a DALI output
    • Individual control of up to 64 ECGs possible
    • Up to 16 groups can be switched, dimmed or set to a defined value
    • Operation of single battery emergency lamps according to EN 62386-202
    • Emergency lighting systems with central battery are also supported
    • Support of DALI "Device Type 8" (DT8) for controlling light color, brightness and color temperature
    • Status and error information for a visualization
    • Scene module for up to 16 different groups
    • Effect module for sequencers

DALI-Gateway KNX plus    





  • 4-way DALI actuator
  • DALI-2 certified
  • Interface between the DALI system and the KNX bus
  • 4 channels, broadcast communication
  • Control of up to 30 DALI devices per channel
  • Control of light colour and colour temperature according to EN 62386-209 (DT-8)
  • Simple commissioning and maintenance thanks to broadcast communication
  • Simple replacement of ECGs in the event of a fault
  • Simple commissioning and programming in the ETS, without additional tools or ETS app
  • Secure communication through KNX Data Secure




KNX flush-mounted actuators

The smart flush-mounted solution

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Secure communication with KNX Data Secure

The flush-mounted actuators in TP and RF versions support secure communication with encryption according to the "KNX Data Secure" standard. This standard effectively prevents intervention and manipulation of the sent information. Thanks to their compact design, KNX flush-mounted actuators fit into any switch/junction box.

With the new wireless actuators that comply with the KNX standard "KNX RF1.R S-Mode", Theben offers a practical option to expand existing KNX systems in buildings without the need to invest much time or effort. In this way, extensions to buildings or functions can be easily integrated into the system at a later date.


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Thanks to the media coupler, you can easily network wired and radio-controlled components.

Electromotive KNX actuator with integrated controller and temperature sensor

The new electromotive actuator CHEOPS S KNX from Theben is the perfect solution for controlling heating or cooling systems in KNX building automation. The powerful actuator offers the perfect combination of high maximum actuating force up to 220 N, great flexibility thanks to two binary inputs and maximum security thanks to KNX Data Secure.


CHEOPS-S-KNX actuator

The advantages of CHEOPS S KNX at a glance

  • Multi Master Application Controller
  • High actuating force: Up to 220 N at a maximum valve stroke of 8mm.

  • Integrated controller: For heating and cooling with one additional stage each.

  • Integrated temperature sensor: No external temperature sensor necessary.

  • Two binary inputs: Connection option e.g. for external temperature sensor, windows contact, presence detector or push button.

  • Flexible use: Universally usable due to two different valve adapters (included in delivery) for most common valves M30x1.5 and Danfoss.

  • Theft and tamper-proof: Removal only possible with tools.

  • Maximum security: KNX Data Secure support protects against data theft and manipulation.





iON KNX button and room controller

Looks great, works great

Simple operation, superb functionality

Theben iON KNX push-buttons and room controllers are an excellent alternative to the previously available binary inputs. iON push-button sensors are flexible and cut a stylish figure in any room thanks to their frameless design. And by the way, the KNX push-buttons support secure communication through KNX Data Secure. Theben iON KNX push-buttons and room controllers with integrated temperature sensor enable various functions in KNX systems to be triggered at the touch of a button. iON KNX push-buttons and room controllers are not only available in conventional white (traffic white, RAL 9016, glossy), but also in variants with a black (deep black, RAL 9005, matt) and silver surface (white aluminium, RAL 9006, silver metallic). Theben is thus fulfilling the wishes of many customers for KNX push-buttons in attractive colour variants for individual room design.


For example

  • switching light on/off and dimming
  • adjusting light colours and calling up lighting scenarios
  • raising and lowering blinds
  • triggering and saving user-specific scenarios
  • operating central or group functions


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Theben iON KNX tactile sensors are available in various versions: as 1-way (2 buttons), 2-way (4 buttons) and as a room controller with LCD display and Bluetooth interface. Depending on the device, up to 20 functions can be controlled with a single button. iON KNX tactile sensors stand out from the crowd thanks to their extensive functionality and exceptional ease of use. The iON 108 KNX room controller with LCD and integrated room thermostat features a Bluetooth interface to make it easier to use. All tactile sensors come with an integrated bus coupler and can be programmed without the ETS app.

Find out more about iON KNX push-buttons and room controllers here.


KNX presence & KNX motion detectores

Elegant and award winning

With the Theben presence detectors, you have every option for energy-efficient and intelligent lighting control. In addition to the classic use for lighting control in offices, corridors and public buildings, you can also control heating and air-conditioning depending on presence. This lets you save energy costs and considerably reduce CO2 emissions. 

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KNX weather station Meteodata

Summer, sun, sunshine

The KNX weather station Meteodata integrates harmoniously into any house facade made of wood, concrete, eternit and any colour design. The wind wheel on the underside registers wind regardless of wind direction and measures wind speed even in ice and snow. The capacitive rain sensor is insensitive to dirt and reliably records precipitation. In short: Our weather station Meteodata is a true all-rounder.

Meteodata 140 S GPS KNX is equipped with an integrated GPS receiver, a heated rain sensor, three brightness sensors, six logic channels and four additional threshold channels for linking with external KNX sensors. The Meteodata KNX weather stations are also available as 24 V variants with and without GPS module and as a "basic" variant without rain sensor.

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Meteodata automatically calculates the position of the sun and the sunlight incidence angle, and it detects wind, rain, brightness and temperature. In this way, it provides all data necessary for fully automatic control of blinds and sun protection of up to eight facades. Including sun position tracking. Measurement and evaluation of the weather data take place directly in the device.

The position of the slats is automatically adjusted to the course of the sun. This means maximum sunlight without the irritating glaring effect.

For effective glare protection with sun position tracking

  • Reliable detection of the sun possition
  • Precise temperature measurement
  • Capacitive rain measurement
  • Wind measurement independent of its direction
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Whitepaper Meteodata KNX weather station download now for free

To find out how Meteodata can help you make your customers' lives more comfortable and increase the revenue in your wallet, read our free whitepaper.

Read how the Meteodata KNX weather station functions and how you can benefit from it:

  • All functions and advantages at a glance
  • Practical examples
  • Important information

KNX smart home system LUXORliving

The little brother of KNX

LUXORliving is the intuitive smart home system from Theben that offers everything that makes homes cosier and does away with everything that nobody uses anyway. LUXORliving controls everything that matters: lights on, lights off. Dimming. Heating. Blinds up and down. And best of all: LUXORliving is so simple to assemble, install and commission that you don't have to be a system integrator to do it - you can do it. Simply great. Simply LUXORliving.

KNX Smart Home system - that sounds like complicated programming and time-consuming familiarisation with all the functions. This is not the case with LUXORliving. LUXORliving is self-explanatory and can be programmed without ETS using LUXORplug Windows software. The smart home system is easy to operate via the LUXORplay app, push-button or voice control and it is fun to try out all the functions. This applies not only to the residents, but also to the installer during installation, programming and commissioning.