Presence and motion detectors from Theben.

Presence and motion detectors for indoor use

Enlightening solutions

Presence detectors and motion detectors from Theben are the perfect solution for energy-efficient and intelligent lighting control. In addition to the classic application for lighting control in offices, corridors and public buildings, you can also control heating and air conditioning according to presence. This saves you energy costs and significantly reduces CO2 emissions. Find out here how Theben presence detectors work and what to look out for during planning and installation. Discover our wide product range of presence detectors and motion detectors for almost every requirement. And get to know the application possibilities and advantages of the devices in practice with the help of specific areas of application.

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How does a presence detector actually work? What types of light measurement are there? And what do you have to consider during planning and installation? Here you will gain valuable know-how that will take you further.

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Whether for entrance halls or storage rooms, in your private home or in a commercial functional building – Theben offers the best presence and motion detector for any application. Simple to install, easy to operate. Each of these solutions contributes to saving energy and increasing comfort and safety.

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What presence detectors and motion detectors for indoor use does Theben have to offer? What are the most important functions? Which detector is suitable for which application? And what are the advantages of the devices? You can find out all this and more here.

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In our brochure Presence and motion detectors for indoor use you can find out everything you need to know about Theben detectors!

The human being as a measure

If we consider people to be the most important adjusting screw, then technical solutions should be geared to them and their needs. Properly set , time, presence and motion sensors create a comfort zone around building occupants, providing them with light, heat and fresh air.

Reduced, individual and demand-oriented , this means that not too much building technology is installed, but only as much as necessary. Smart, interconnectedcomponents are the key to reducing energy consumption here. Reducing energy-intensive building technology plays its part in helping solve the energy and climate crisis .