MAXplus app


MAXplus is the smartphone app from Theben for convenient programming and control of DIMAX 545 plus P flush-mounted universal dimmers. Start-up and operation of the app are intuitive and self-explanatory.

Key functions at a glance:

  • Main level: After starting the app, new devices can be added, or already added devices or taught-in lighting scenarios and favourites can be selected.

  • Brightness: In the "brightness" menu, the minimum and maximum brightness can be specified, the switch-on brightness can be defined, or the most recent brightness can be saved with the "memory" function.

  • Comfort: Among others, a snooze and wake-up function can be set as comfort functions. The snooze function softly dims the light in the evening and accompanies you into the land of nod. In the morning, the wake-up function wakes you with the light gently getting brighter.

  • Dimming and staircase light operating modes: The intuitive interface can be used to select, whether "dimming" or "staircase light" is to be configured. In "dimming" mode, the minimum/maximum brightness, the switch-on brightness and the dimming response can be programmed with just a few clicks. In "staircase light" mode, the staircase light time, the brightness during switch off pre-warning as well as the turn-on time can be set.