Theben time switch technology: Install, forget & save energy

Automated, energy-saving technologies are becoming increasingly important in public and commercial buildings and in public spaces. In addition, refurbishing and retrofitting existing buildings is becoming increasingly important. A lot can often be achieved with little time and a small budget. Discover clever examples of how to implement energy-saving and convenient building technology simply, quickly and cost-effectively.

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LUXORliving Smart Start: Simply retrofit KNX Smart Home via radio

The importance of refurbishing and retrofitting existing buildings is growing. The radio-based KNX smart home system LUXORliving Smart Start can be used to retrofit flats, single and multi-family homes, medical practices, shops and offices with KNX-based smart home functions.

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Now also for KNX: LUXA 103 presence detectors for indoors and outdoors

LUXA 103 KNX Präsenzmelder für den Innen- und Außenbereich sind mit rundem Erfassungsbereich für Einzel- und Großraumbüros, Besprechungs- und Abstellräume, Keller und Toiletten sowie als Korridor-Präsenzmelder mit rechteckigem Erfassungsbereich erhältlich.

The new LUXA 103 at a glance

Smart Home & KNX training cases

The training cases from Theben are the perfect tool for in-depth specialist training in building technology and are used successfully in the field of smart home, network technology and KNX certificate courses.

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LUXORliving Smart Start

LUXORliving Smart Start: Simply retrofit KNX Smart Home via radio

The growing demands for sustainable construction are increasing the importance of renovating and retrofitting existing buildings. With the radio-based KNX Smart Home system LUXORliving Smart Start, apartments, single and multi-family homes, classrooms, stores or offices can be retrofitted with KNX-based Smart Home functions, even if no KNX installation is available.

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Now also for KNX: LUXA 103 presence detectors for indoors and outdoors

LUXA 103 presence detectors form a comprehensive range of devices for efficient lighting and HVAC control in indoor and outdoor areas. The portfolio offers presence detectors with a round detection area for individual and open-plan offices, meeting and storage rooms, cellars and toilets as well as corridor presence detectors with a rectangular detection area. All this is now also available for KNX systems: as LUXA 103 S360-12 KNX with round detection area (360°, Ø 12 m at 3 m mounting height) and as LUXA 103 S360-28 KNX with rectangular detection area (360°, 28 x 5 m at 3 m mounting height). Both devices have 2 channels each for light and HVAC as well as 3 logic channels.

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RF Taster-Aktor-Module

Simply retrofit smart home functions wirelessly: With Theben RF push-button actuator modules

The new RF push-button actuator modules from Theben combine a KNX RF actuator (switching, dimming, blind control) with a push-button. The devices with an installation depth of just 25.6 mm are compatible with many 55 mm switch ranges and can be easily installed in conventional switch boxes.

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thePiccola KNX mini motion detector

Small can be this big and elegant: thePiccola mini presence and motion detector now also available as a KNX version

Theben now also offers thePiccola Mini presence and motion detector for motion and brightness-dependent lighting control as a KNX version with temperature sensor.

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Motion detectors, clock thermostats, time switches: Efficient partners during the energy crisis

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Welcome to Theben: The experts for motion detectors, KNX building systems technology and much more

Behind each and every one of our products and systems is the idea of only using energy when it is absolutely necessary: whether it be an automatic light control with presence and motion detectors or LED spotlights, light control with dimmer and staircase time switches or climate control with KNX actuatorsCOsensors and room thermostats

Building Automation since 1921.

KNX Smart Building

KNX systems transform functional buildings and private homes into a Smart Building or Smart Home. Theben KNX actuators, KNX presence detectors, KNX valve drives, KNX push buttons, KNX weather stations and other KNX solutions ensure that you can use energy more efficiently and increase people's comfort and quality of life.

KNX Smart Building
Theben_DALI-2 Room Solution

Efficient lighting control

If the requirements of the users are taken as a basis for the planning, there are many possibilities for saving energy without sacrificing comfort. Great potential can be found in the lighting, which is often set too bright and over too large an area with too long a delay time. If the building automation is planned to be human centered, dimmable and sensor-controlled lighting can become a game changer in the lighting segment.

For example, if there are only a few people left in the office, only their work areas need to be sufficiently lit; the surrounding areas are only illuminated by dimmed light to the extent that the users' sense of space remains positive. The delay times also deserve a second look: they are usually set far too long and can be significantly shortened or gradually become darker in order to avoid abrupt scene changes, which can affect the feeling of comfort.  

The HCBA concept thus not only helps to make the atmosphere of a building more pleasant for people, but also to avoid unnecessary energy waste. Our DALI Room Solution 2 products address this precisely.   

Motion detector theRonda for ceiling mounting

Presence & motion detector

Presence detectors and motion detectors from Theben are the perfect solution for energy-efficient lighting control. In addition to lighting control in offices, washrooms, schools, halls, corridors and public buildings, you can also control heating and air conditioning according to presence. This saves you energy costs and significantly reduces CO2 emissions.

Smart Home with LUXORliving

LUXORliving is the KNX Smart Home System from Theben. Light on, light off. Dim. Control heating. Control blinds. Via voice control, app and push-button. Simply installed, commissioned and programmed without ETS. With secure communication through KNX Data Secure and long-term protected investments. Simply simple. Simply secure. Simply LUXORliving.

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Energy in the right place at the right time

No area of our daily lives can any longer do without questioning energy use. But people's convenience and fear of losing comfort often get in the way of many good ideas. There is no need for buildings to have uniform temperatures or lighting from the basement to the roof. People really only need comfort in their immediate environment; at best, it travels with them from room to room like a protective cocoon of warmth, light and fresh air. It is precisely this comfort zone around people that the concept of Human Centered Building Automation focuses on.