Smart automation with KNX

Are you looking for KNX components for building control with optimum protection through KNX Data Secure? Whether RF actuators, flush-mounted actuators or DIN rail mounted - Theben offers KNX actuators, KNX presence detectors, KNX weather stations and KNX time switches for intelligent, sustainable building automation.

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Ventilate properly: CO2 sensors from Theben

CO2 sensors from Theben monitor the CO2 concentration in schools and classrooms, in offices and conference rooms or in passive and low-energy houses. CO2 sensors thus make a decisive contribution to indoor air quality. On this page you will find information about the CO2 concentration in the room air and its effects as well as needs-based and energy-efficient ventilation control with the help of CO2 sensors.


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Optical presence detector thePixa: Optimise building automation & building operation.

thePixa KNX optical presence detector detects and counts moving objects in a room. It triggers the KNX building control system to perform predefined actions, offering great added value for building operators. For example, flexible options for configuring desk-sharing. GDPR-compliant & easy to programme via an app.

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Impulse switch OKTO: Switching light on and off simply and efficiently

The new Theben OKTO impulse switches for DIN rails. Switch lights simply, efficiently & cost-effectively. Ideal for corridors and hallways. Available in electromechanical & electronic versions. Optimised for LEDs with up to 600 W switching load. Simply install and forget about it!

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Welcome to Theben: The experts for motion detectors, KNX building systems technology and much more

Behind each and every one of our products and systems is the idea of only using energy when it is absolutely necessary: whether it be an automatic light control with presence and motion detectors or LED spotlights, light control with dimmer and staircase time switches or climate control with KNX actuatorsCOsensors and room thermostatsWe call this energy saving comfort.

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Would you like to know how the breathtaking Theben film was created?

Our "Making of" gives you exciting insights into the background of our film. At the same time, immerse yourself in the cruel experiences of the company's founder, Paul Schwenk, during World War I, the economically difficult 1920s, in which Paul Schwenk became an entrepreneur - despite all adversities - and of course the successful 1970s when Theben, with innovations such as the legendary theben-timer, set new standards.

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Training courses

Regardless of whether it's a matter of intelligent control and regulation in rooms, a good indoor climate - which is certainly a high priority in times of Covid-19 - safe communication of buildingmanagement systems. We’ll introduce and show up what has to be observed.

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thePixa optical presence detector

Optical presence detector thePixa KNX: Optimise building automation & building operation

The optical presence detector, thePixa KNX, detects how many people are in a room and where they are. This information is used to trigger predefined actions in the KNX building control system. It's not just the building automation features that stand to gain – there are completely new benefits, especially for building operators. For example, flexible options for configuring desk-sharing or for optimising room occupancy and building cleaning activities.

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Theben OKTO ES

Impulse switch OKTO: The right light at the right moment

The new OKTO impulse switches enable simple and convenient lighting control of a load via any number of buttons. This makes them ideal for lighting control in corridors and hallways of apartment buildings, purpose-built and commercial buildings, communal areas and in private homes.

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theben-timer26 salmon red/yellow news preview

theben-timer 26 anniversary edition: The legend lives on

For the company’s hundredth birthday, Theben is presenting an anniversary edition of the legendary theben-timer 26 in three attractive special colours: yellow, light blue and salmon red. The analogue plug-in time switch was developed as early as 1977. Since then, with over 33 million devices sold worldwide, it has become a bestseller in Theben's product range.

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DALI-Gateways S64 KNX

Flexible interfaces between DALI and the KNX bus: Theben S64 KNX and S128 KNX DALI gateways

The new Theben S64 KNX and S128 KNX DALI gateways allow lighting to be controlled perfectly by integrating up to 64 or 128 DALI lamps per device. The individual DALI lamps can be integrated in up to 16 or 32 groups.

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AMUN 716 CO2 Monitor

Measuring CO2 concentration, reducing the risk of infection: AMUN 716 CO2 monitor

Even beyond the age of the coronavirus pandemic, regular ventilation in sealed rooms is essential for minimising the aerosol load and infection risks. The AMUN 716 CO2 monitor by Theben immediately emits a visual warning when CO2 concentration levels in a room exceed a specific threshold. This allows you to ventilate at the right time and keep health risks to a minimum.


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With a few exceptions, our entire product range is produced in Germany, at our headquarters in Haigerloch. During the manufacturing process itself, the 100% final inspection ensures that each of our products leaves our company in flawless conditions.

The sum of all of these factors assures our clients that they have a reliable partner by their side who is open to new ideas. A leading premium supplier of intelligent solutions for saving energy and increased comfort inside and outside the building. This is what the Theben brand stands for.  And that's not all: in our in-company testing laboratory, certified by VDE (German Institute for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies) we carefully examine each development from the very first idea, through prototype development, right up to start of production. Quality is something which we do not take for granted.

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