Intelligent lighting in its most beautiful form theLeda P LED spotlights

Beauty and brains:  theLeda P. The new premium LED spotlight from Theben supports a range of functions thatis unri valled at the current time. This makes it a true all-rounder on every wall – and it has something about itin terms of looks.

theLeda P is available with one or two light panels, in white and aluminium, with or without motion detector. But whichever version you choose, theLeda P will be sure to captivate you – with its pleasant, friendly light and, of course, its unique aura which provides an atmospheric backlit effect around the spotlight.

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Customised and energy-efficient lighting control

There are lots of options for customised and energy-efficient lighting. PIR motion detectors outside provide greater security. PIR presence detectors enable presence dependent and energy saving for lighting and heating. Theben twilight switches allow brightness dependent control of lighting and thereby reduce CO2 emissions. Staircase time switches such as ELPA 8 reliably provide secure lighting on stairs.

Overview of Theben lighting control

Simply smart. Simply LUXORliving.

LUXORliving is the simple Smart Home system from Theben, offering all-round home comfort. Switching and dimming lights regulating the heating, controlling the blinds, curtains or shutters. This is what LUXORliving is all about. And the best thing: LUXORliving is so simple to install and use that you don’t need to be a specialized integrator to install LUXORliving. Simply wonderful. Simply LUXORliving.

Smart Home system LUXORliving

Changing times – top2 becomes top3: The new top3 digital time switches

Theben replaces the multi-million selling top2 devices by the redesigned top3 series of digital time switches. Highlights include convenient programming via app, safe data transfer via Bluetooth OBELISK top3, as well as LED output of 600 W. At the same time, full compatibility with top2 devices is ensured.

Digital time switches top3

Always in safe hands – Products 2018

In the age of digital, networked systems, the subject of security is increasingly coming to the fore. Theben has recognised the particular challenges of safe and secure time, light and climate control in the smart home and beyond. For example, our security solutions ensure that KNX building systems offer the best possible protection against hackers. Speaking  of which, the security of our LUXORliving smart home system is currently being certified by the VDE Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies.

Get to know some of our security solutions – and experience the great feeling of being able to rely on our products at all times. Besides, we present you with a range of additional innovative products in this brochure.

Products 2018

Welcome to Theben: The experts for motion detectors, KNX building systems technology and much more

Behind each and every one of our products and systems is the idea of only using energy when it is absolutely necessary: whether it be an automatic light control with presence and motion detetctors, light control with dimmer and staircase time switches or climate control with KNX actuatorsCOsensors and room thermostatsWe call this energy saving comfort.


theLeda D overview

Lighting efficiency with the "wow" factor: the new theLeda D LED lights with motion detector from Theben

Theben AG presents the new theLeda D LED lights with integrated motion detector for automatic and energy-efficient outdoor lighting control. Ideal for custom lighting design or for accent lighting on the facades of houses, detached residences, hotels and parking facilities. In other words, anywhere where beautiful lighting is important.

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New top3 times five: Theben expands its product range of top3 digital time switches

The new top3 digital time switches are replacing the current top2 devices. They are ideal for time-controlled switching of street lighting, display window lighting or advertising lighting, for controlling lights in and around public buildings and car parks, for school bells and ventilation systems, pumps and fountains, and all sorts of other applications.

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The smart flush-mounted solution: the new LUXORliving flush-mounted actuators from Theben

Theben AG is extending the convenient LUXORliving smart home system to include compact, flush-mounted actuators. \With power being supplied by a bus voltage, an additional power supply is not necessary.

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The new heating actuator LUXORliving H6 24V

Smart control in your heating circuit distributor: the new LUXORliving heating actuator H6 24V

Theben AG presents the new LUXORliving heating actuator H6 24V for the LUXORliving smart home system. With its integrated heating controller, the actuator enables reliable control of actuators and easy installation in the heating circuit distributor.

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RM 4 H KNX, 4-channel high-performance actuator

Handle high loads safely and reliably: the new KNX high-performance actuators

Theben is extending their range of actuators to include two new KNX high-performance actuators for high switching loads: RM 4 H KNX with 4 channels and RM 8 H KNX with 8 channels.

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With a few exceptions, our entire product range is produced in Germany, at our headquarters in Haigerloch. During the manufacturing process itself, the 100% final inspection ensures that each of our products leaves our company in flawless conditions.

The sum of all of these factors assures our clients that they have a reliable partner by their side who is open to new ideas. A leading premium supplier of intelligent solutions for saving energy and increased comfort inside and outside the building. This is what the Theben brand stands for.  And that's not all: in our in-company testing laboratory, certified by VDE (German Institute for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies) we carefully examine each development from the very first idea, through prototype development, right up to start of production. Quality is something which we do not take for granted.

Production of the Theben AG in Haigerloch
Laser machine for labeling time switches
PCB assembly in Germany
PCB production of Theben AG
Soldering bath of Theben AG
Production of motors for timers
Quality control in the climate chamber
100% quality control
Quality control of time switches
Testing of RAMSES room thermostats
Parts warehouse of Theben AG
Wheels for analog time switches