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Diode module Also available in other models.

Diode module (Item no. 9070367)

  • Required for special functions (group/central function) with LUXOR
  • DIMAX: Light scenes, two button operation
  • 2 modules supplied in delivery
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Power unit 24 V DC (Item no. 9079330)

  • Power pack for supply voltage from PHARAO controllers and sensors. Power unit sufficient for 5 x PhARAO-II 14/15 or 4 x PHARAO-II 24/25 controls
  • Width: 3 modules
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4-way push button module Also available in other models.

4-way push button module (Item no. 9070806)

  • 4-way push button module with integrated temperature sensor
  • For use with the TU 4 RF KNX / LUXORliving T4 RF and TA 6 S KNX
  • Cover frame included
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Compensation module LED Also available in other models.

Compensation module LED (Item no. 9070825)

  • Compensation LED module for dimmer
  • To avoid afterglow with LED lamps
  • For connection in parallel to the consumer
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Bus module MIX2 Secure Also available in other models.

Bus module MIX2 Secure (Item no. 9070084)

  • Bus coupling unit for upgrading existing MIX2-basic devices to KNX TP Secure
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