Meet highest demands: References from Theben

Theben products mostly work unseen. On the other hand, you can't miss their effect: in energy-efficient heating and air conditioning control, astronomic time control or presence-dependent lighting control.

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KNX system and energy monitoring offer savings as well as greater comfort and safety

Housing association Woonborg has built new residences in two locations in the Netherlands: 36 in Nieuw-Roden, part of the Drenthe municipality, and 32 in Haren, an area in the City of Groningen. When it came to energy efficiency, the association took into account not only the mandatory NZEB (nearly zero-energy building) standard, but also the ZOM (zero-on-the-meter) standard, which imposes stricter requirements. 

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Biel Hospital Centre, Switzerland: Presence-dependent lighting control and LEDs reduce energy consumption by 82 percent

The circulation areas of the Hospital Centre in Biel, Switzerland, were originally conventional lighting using compact fluorescent lamps in continuous operation and have been refitted with Ledvance LED panels and Theben presence detectors. Every presence detector controls lighting groups with 2-4 LED lamps in each. The result: an 82% energy saving compared to the previous lighting, with an increase in lighting strength from 40 to over 200 lux. 54% of these savings can be attributed to presence-dependent lighting control.

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Empfingen daycare nursery: KNX and DALI help provide an energy-efficient place of adventure

When you see the new building for the “Die kleinen Strolche” nursery in Empfingen, southern Germany, you’d be forgiven for wanting to be a child again! 

Caveau du Château_exterior view

Caveau du Château in Ampuis creates complex lighting scenes with KNX products from Theben

The Caveau du Château of the Guigal family is located in the heart of the Côte-Rôtie wine-growing region. The dedicated wine venue was equipped with complex lighting scenes using Theben KNX products

Theben reference family Krosse

KNX building automation with LUXORliving makes family life easier

What was supposed to be harmless surgery after a hernia ended up badly for Sylvia Krosse. By sheer misfortune, complications led to paraplegia. From that moment on, it was a long way for her and her family to be able to lead a „normal“ family life again.

Reference single-family home-Empfingen

KNX building automation is delivering future-ready living comfort

A KNX-based smart home system based on Theben KNX products is delivering more comfort and better energy efficiency in a new-build family home in the small Swabian town of Empfingen in Germany.

Rectory Binsdorf Church Preview

Cloud-based and app-based heating and lighting control any time, anywhere

Historic building meets state-of-the-art cloud technology: Theben’s TC 649 C control box supports cloud-based remote control for heating systems and outdoor lighting for a church building that is almost 200 years old.

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Optimised constant lighting control and elegant design – working in perfect harmony

As part of its responsibilities for the room and building automation functions at the new Axel Springer building in Berlin, Sauter-Cumulus GmbH began a search for a ceiling-installed DALI presence detector to include in the lighting control concept. In addition to compatibility with DALI technology, the company had one specific requirement in mind: an elegant, minimalist design that would blend effortlessly into the building’s interior.

Theben_Reference_Community_house Horst aan de Maas

Public building: Theben KNX presence detectors control the lighting in the Horst aan de Maas community centre

't Gasthoês is a multifunctional community centre in the Dutch municipality of Horst aan de Maas. The former hospital, which was built in 1901, was turned into an arts centre in the 1980s. Last year, the building was completely gutted and refurbished in order to prepare it for a whole host of new functions. Today, the centre includes a large theatre, a library, reception and workshop spaces and a restaurant. Theben technology was chosen to take care of switching, dimming and smart control of the LED lighting.

References Zürich

Office: Lighting control for Zurich's new landmark using KNX presence detectors

The Andreas Tower, with its 22 floors and a height of 80 metres, is the new landmark above Oerlikon railway station. From this place, also Amstein + Walthert AG has an outstanding view. They are anchor tenants in the new building, for which they were involved as
general contractor by supplying the modern building technology. Thanks to around 540 intelligent KNX passive infrared presence detectors from ThebenHTS, employees will have the right light in any environment.

Reference Malaysia-Tower Preview

Office: KNX products from Theben in Malaysia‘s highest tower

The 635 meter high Menara PNB 118 skyscraper in the heart of Kuala Lumpur impressively demonstrates how recognized the KNX standard in building automation is worldwide. When completed in 2024, it will be the tallest building in Malaysia. But even the intrinsic values ​​convince: KNX products will ensure comfortable and reliable building automation.

Reference ATMS in Muttenz thePrema P360 KNX building

Office: Added value thanks to intelligent room automation with thePrema P360 KNX from ThebenHTS

Intelligent building and room automation allows a building to be controlled with ease – and makes it smart. And the fact that you don't need much hardware at all to do this is clearly in evidence at the AMTS in the Swiss municipality of Muttenz, which makes use of thePrema P360 KNX premium presence detectors from ThebenHTS.

Reference DIAL Lüdenscheid presence detector with constant light control at DIAL

Office: High quality presence detector with constant light control at DIAL

Presence detectors are just a matter of course in buildings for years as light switches. The quality differences are however, tremendous. For the new construction of a representative and highly-functional building in Lüdenscheid, Germany, detectors were required that did not only offer versatile functions and a high degree of measuring accuracy, but also have an appealing exterior.

Reference villa Metzingen LUXOR building

Private residential housing: Better living with the living area control LUXOR

With the high-quality extension of the private villa in Bauhaus style in Metzingen near to Stuttgart, the customer had fulfilled a long-cherished desire. Naturally, for this dream house not only the highest demands are made with regard to architecture and interior design, but also on the technical side. The result can proverbially be seen: in the magazine „Schöner Wohnen“, the house was awarded the 3rd place in the competition „Home of the Year 2012“.