Botaniq Castle: traditional architecture meets state-of-the-art KNX building automation


  • Intelligent lighting and heating control combined with room occupancy detection
  • Combining exceptional energy efficiency with optimum user experience



  • KNX building automation with Theben KNX components
  • Presence-dependent heating and lighting control with window sensors and automatic occupancy detection by means of presence detectors
  • Flexible lighting control with various lighting scenarios and dimming methods
  • Rapid troubleshooting through convenient remote maintenance

For the renovation of the fairy-tale Botaniq Castle in the Hungarian town of Tura, our partner Elektro-Kamleithner supplied and programmed a KNX building automation solution incorporating Theben KNX components. Based on the international standard DIN EN 500090, the flexibility of the KNX system makes it ideal for use in an intelligent control solution in hotels and guest houses as well as for other types of building, from houses right through to complex buildings covering tens of thousands of square metres.

Kamleithner was commissioned to design the entire lighting and heating control concept for the castle. For the renovation, a state-of-the-art system was developed – one of the most cutting edge in Central Europe and the only one of its kind in Hungary. One area of focus for the project was to combine efficient energy management with an exceptional guest experience. With this in mind, room occupancy detection, integration of the PMS hotel software and heating/cooling control were also brought together in the system. What makes the KNX system so special is the fact that these functions can be managed in a simpler and more energy-efficient manner than in a complex standard building management system.


Reliable presence detection

A major problem in hotels is that key cards and readers in the rooms alone can’t tell you if there is someone actually in the room or not. An automatic occupancy detection system therefore helps the hotel work this out and also saves energy. The solution comes in the form of intelligent presence and window sensors which use a combination of different parameters and a special algorithm to establish whether a room is empty or occupied and then adjust the lighting and temperature accordingly.


Intelligent cooling and heating control

Intelligent cooling and heating control aims to improve energy efficiency in the guest rooms and suites. To reduce energy consumption, a window monitoring option switches the system to standby mode if a guest opens a window. Reduced mode is also activated when no one is in the room or suite. Automatic control settings are also provided which work based on the season, weather or number of guests. Yet, naturally, there is always the option to make settings manually or to recalibrate them. For example, it is possible to calculate the amount of hot water required on the basis of the number of guests.

The status of the mechanical control system in communal areas is detected automatically and any problems are rectified. What’s more, twin pumps are installed in all circuits, meaning that guests will never be left without heating or hot water. The system can also be accessed remotely, facilitating rapid intervention in the event of a problem.


Bespoke lighting scenarios

Kamleithner developed various lighting scenarios and combined various dimming methods to enhance guest experience. Exclusive custom-designed bronze push buttons are provided next to every bed to enable guests to switch off all the lights in the room.


Theben products used:


Electrical installation and KNX integration

Elektro-Kamleithner, Budapest, Hungary


More information about the project

Botaniq Castle, Tura, Hungary