On this page we have brought together the most important questions and answers on the KNX building control system.

With Presence detector compact office EIB does the constant light regulation continue after a manual dimming procedure?

Constant light control is switched off when manual dimming occurs. Control operation will only be restarted after presence end or a switch-on command to the actuator.

The Dimming ctuator DMG 2 S KNX switches on the dimmable energy saving lamps with 100% brightness, although a different switch-on brightness was selected in the parameter settings.

To prevent dimmable energy saving lamps flickering or not activating correctly when switching on, the switch-on will always be 100% followed by dimming to the desired brightness value within 1 minute. Detailed information about this can be found in the DMG 2 S KNX  manual.

Why does the LED flash during Presence detector ECO-IR 360EIB-AC?

The LED flashes if no application is installed and the bus address has been allocated twice. When the application is installed, the LED only flashes in the start phase.

Central button during presence detection and semi-automatic operation.

The detector works semi-automatically. Application A without button input. Link the buttons directly with the actuator. The response of the actuator to the trigger input of the detector. The light output on the actuator. The light is switched on via the button. The actuator    transmits to the presence detector via its feedback object. The detector is working. Switch-off is via the button. The actuator switches off and sends a "0" via the feedback object. The detector goes on working and sends a "0" after the time has expired.

Why does the "Power LED" of the Heating actuator HMG 4 KNX, the Blinds actuator JMG 4 S KNX and/or the Shutters actuator RMG 8 KNX flash during programming?

Load the ETS3 update (see website of the KNX Association). Programming this device is not possible with the ETS3 Version D.

Can actuators of the MIX and MIX2 series be combined?

Yes. However the basic device must be a MIX2 device. A MIX basic device can only be combined with MIX upgrade devices.

Can energy saving lamps also be dimmed with the Dimming actuator DMG 2 S KNX?

Yes. For this purpose the application V1.6 must be loaded and set in the load setting "Dimmable energy saving lamp".

Why do logic inputs not always react to the central commands?

The central command always affects only the switching object, i.e. only the first object in a switching channel with logic (e.g. Object 0). The inputs for the link (e.g.: object 1, 2, 3) will not be addressed by the central object.

The display of the Multifunction display VARIA 824 KNX or the Multifunction display VARIA 826 KNX flashes or is not shown at all.

Then the download of the application was cancelled or not concluded successfully. When 230 V is connected the display flashes; without 230 V the display is off completely. Alternatively you can also switch on the LED for the Phys. Adr. with a magnet on the top right of the device.

How can I use a sun shade channel when my actuator only has 1-bit objects?

If you do not use Theben Blinds actuator JMG 4 S KNX  with 1-byte positioning objects, alternatively you can use the sun shade function with 1-bit telegrams. In the parameter settings for C3, C6 or C7, select the telegram type "Scenes via 1-bit telegrams". The scenes are defined as follows: Scene 1 = "0" ; Scene 2 = "1" ; Scene 3 = "0" ; Scene 4 = "1".

Why does the curtain not move up when the brightness is too low?

With a sun shade channel (C3, C6 or C7) as well as the objects "Height %" or "Slat %", the  object "up/down" must be linked with the drive actuator. An upwards movement, e.g. when brightness falls below the set threshold, is controlled via the "up/down" object.

Upgrade DALI application

We have upgraded out DALI software to version V1.3 and hardware to version 1.8. Efficient approach to applying the latest database version 1.3 in an already existing project, without having to reconfigure the group addresses and parameters.