Optimised constant lighting control and elegant design – working in perfect harmony

As part of its responsibilities for the room and building automation functions at the new Axel Springer building in Berlin, Sauter-Cumulus GmbH began a search for a ceiling-installed DALI presence detector to include in the lighting control concept. In addition to compatibility with DALI technology, the company had one specific requirement in mind: an elegant, minimalist design that would blend effortlessly into the building’s interior.

Following an in-depth comparison of numerous market products and intensive rounds of preliminary testing, Sauter-Cumulus was ultimately won over by Theben’s PlanoSpot 360 DALI presence detector as a result of its extensive range of functions and its appealing design features.




  • Presence-based lighting control via DALI
  • Minimalist, elegant presence detector design
  • Ability to customise bezel frame colour


  • PlanoSpot 360 DALI presence detectors
  • Customised bezel frame colour
  • Devices supplied without standard brackets for faster installation
  • Some pre-installation of reinforced brackets for more challenging wiring areas

The PlanoSpot presence detector met a number of criteria in the lead-up to Sauter-Cumulus making its decision, one of which was its range of functions: three mixed light measurements, four instances for brightness and easy calibration of brightness measurements all proved to be winning features in the preliminary tests. The device also scored points thanks to its simple addressing method, executed using the DALI bus or remote control. Combined with a timeless, elegant design, these attributes made the Theben product an obvious choice.

Before the actual process of installing the devices, Theben conducted some preparatory work in the form of colour sampling for the bezel frames – a process that took three months until the ideal colour was identified and accepted by the customer. Now, around 2500 PlanoSpot presence detectors ensure automatic, energy-efficient lighting control in Axel Springer’s new building.

The Sauter-Cumulus project team looked back positively on its experience of working with Theben: “From the sampling phase right through to installation, we got the very best support from Theben. As an example, some of the devices were supplied without the standard brackets used for ceiling installation, making them much easier and quicker to install. Not only that, but certain devices also had reinforced brackets installed as a way of dealing with challenging areas of wiring.”





The project

Designed by renowned Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, the new Axel Springer building in Berlin officially opened its doors on 6 October 2020. Erected some 54 years after the opening of the gold high-rise publishing premises located opposite, the new cubeshaped structure is an addition to Axel-Springer-Kiez – a complex of buildings that is home to the media and technology company’s headquarters. Bathed in light, the structure accommodates 52,000 square metres of rental space in total. The building’s interior, which houses 13 floors, features linked terrace areas and an atrium at a 45-metre height. The impressive facade is made up of tinted glass surfaces and 3D-effect structural elements.





The product

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Theben PlanoSpot 360 DALI presence detectors impress with their minimalist design, wide range of functions and simple addressing.





Room & building automation

Sauter-Cumulus GmbH, Berlin