KNX building automation is delivering future-ready living comfort

A KNX-based smart home system based on Theben KNX products is delivering more comfort and better energy efficiency in a new-build family home in the small Swabian town of Empfingen in Germany.



  • KNX-based smart home system
  • Use of presence detectors in an unobtrusive and compact design


  • Theben KNX actuators for blinds, switches, heating appliances and dimmers
  • Theben KNX weather station for fully automatic blind and sun protection control
  • Theben presence detectors for efficient lighting control
  • Integration of video monitoring with display via intercom
  • Push button operation
  • Pre-programmed scenarios
  • Remote maintenance with push button notification

A KNX-based smart home system offers maximum flexibility for future extensions, thereby maximising security of investment. Impressed by the benefits of KNX technology, a young couple in the small Swabian town of Empfingen in Germany tasked the local experts from Kipp Elektro with planning and installing their smart home system. The products selected included Theben KNX actuators for blinds, switches, heating appliances and dimmers, as well as presence detectors and a Theben weather station. Managing Director Philipp Kipp explains the reason for the dominance of Theben products in their selection: “Choosing KNX products was a really easy decision, because we have experience of using them very successfully in other projects. Their quality simply speaks for itself. The only elements of the system that were provided by another manufacturer are the integrated video monitoring equipment and the intercom.”


MIX2 actuators increase flexibility and require less space

Kipp Elektro chose to use series mounting devices from the MIX2 product family in the KNX actuator range. Explaining this decision, Philipp Kipp says: “Theben’s modular MIX2 actuators with base module and extension modules do away with the need for multiple subunits inside the control cabinet. They also support flexible combinations. Another genuine advantage is the ease with which parameter settings can be made. The devices are programmed in the factory prior to delivery and then simply plugged in on site.”


Automation based on weather conditions and presence detection

A truly smart home of course also includes fully automatic blind and sun protection control. These functions are taken care of by the Meteodata weather station with integrated GPS receiver. As well as being able to detect wind, rain, brightness and temperature, the weather station also supports automatic sun position tracking.
Philipp Kipp has also used Theben products for the presence detectors in the new home: “The sensors in Theben’s presence detectors are very precise and reliable. The client also wanted the presence detectors to be as compact and unobtrusive as possible, and they had to complement the LED spotlights installed in the home. That’s why we chose PlanoSpot and theRonda Flat presence detectors, which are barely visible in the ceiling between the LED spotlights.”


Convenient remote control

The smart home functions are operated and controlled using push buttons. All settings and required scenarios were programmed by Kipp Elektro. The really clever thing is that if changes or new scenarios are required, the client’s family simply sends a notification by pushing a button.  Once the scope of the new or modified functions has been agreed, they are installed via remote control (IPS Remote).


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Kipp Elektro GmbH, Empfingen, Germany