KNX, presence detectors and LED enable reliable and energy-efficient lighting in Fibremax production hall and warehouse


  • Energy-efficient and reliable lighting system for a production hall and warehouse


  • KNX system with presence-based lighting control
  • KNX presence detectors and KNX switching actuators
  • LED luminaires

Fibremax knows cables and wires like no other. The manufacturer of the strongest lifting and fastening cable in the world now also relies on perhaps the most intelligent data cable: the KNX bus. In the new production and storage hall in Joure, the light only comes on when it is needed. In this way, the company saves energy and avoids cable clutter. The combination of strong and intelligent suits Fibremax perfectly.

The Frisian company Fibremax has invented a cable that is stronger than any steel cable. The lightweight plastic cable is used, for example, to lift and secure offshore wind turbines. The invention was so well received worldwide that the company has already had to expand twice. A 4,200 m2 production area and a 1,200 m2 warehouse were recently added. Huisman Installatietechniek is located with the manufacturer and was also involved in the new building. Project manager Frans Kloosterman implemented the lighting system. "In the huge, 115 metre long hall, we used LED line lighting from Veko and Theben presence detectors. A total of 265 LED lights and 26 presence detectors were installed."

Reliable, stable and durable

The modular line lighting with long profiles provides customised and pleasant light in the work and storage areas. In addition, the LED lights are particularly durable and energy-efficient. Sustainability is important to Fibremax. With a large number of solar panels on the roof, the company operates 100% on solar energy. The lighting should also be sustainable and economical. Frans: "We therefore opted for KNX automation with presence-based lighting control. Especially in warehouses you often see that the light is forgotten after loading or unloading. With the Theben presence detectors on the ceiling, the light is only switched on when required. Even at workplaces, the lights are only on when work is being done. Another advantage is that KNX makes the installation more reliable and stable.

Fast delivery

The presence detectors have a detection range of 24 metres in a 360° radius. Each sensor is connected to the KNX cable via a bus terminal. In the distribution board, Theben KNX actuators do the switching. Fibremax can see which lights are on and off via a central control panel and also switch them manually if necessary. "I've been working with Theben on KNX projects for a long time. The company offers reliable, high-quality products and full support for all installs and special challenges. The cooperation with Theben works excellently. This was not necessary in this project, since the installation is quite simple, but offers many expansion options. The ability to deliver was more important here. In a market where there are shortages, we knew that Theben could deliver quickly and would not jeopardize the continuation of the project," says Frans.

The days of cable bundles are over

After installing the indoor lighting system, Huisman also connected the outdoor lighting to the KNX control system. This turns on an astro clock. Other functions have not yet been automated or linked. Frans expects that in the future Fibremax will also connect the climate control to the KNX system. "It's very easy to do with the cabling that's already installed," he knows from experience. Huisman Installatietechniek is increasingly implementing intelligent automation in homes and commercial properties. Frans: "The 'intelligent' connection of e.g. the air conditioning system with a ventilation, lighting or security system increases user-friendliness, reduces energy consumption and offers more comfort. Smartly integrating systems over a single cable also means less cabling is required. From our point of view, the days of huge bundles of cables are finally over."

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Huisman Installatietechniek