Empfingen daycare nursery: KNX and DALI help provide an energy-efficient place of adventure


  • Intelligent and energy-efficient lighting and shading control



  • KNX building automation and DALI lighting control with Theben KNX components and DALI gateways
  • Automated control by means of KNX switch and blinds actuators
  • Presence-dependent lighting control by means of KNX presence detectors

When you see the new building for the “Die kleinen Strolche” nursery in Empfingen, southern Germany, you’d be forgiven for wanting to be a child again! Opened in July 2022, Haigerloch architect Stefan Beuter has created a huge world of adventure incorporating an exciting architectural and educational concept for around 130 children. The preschool and crèche are housed in separate yet connected areas of the building, while the group rooms have been designed as open experience and theme zones. Colours are assigned to the children to help them find their way round the various spaces. The generous outdoor facilities including an XXL sandpit, swings, slide and play tractors give the children the freedom to express themselves while playing. In addition to the play elements, the site includes educational nature features such as insect-friendly raised beds and herbaceous borders as well as a water play area underneath a large awning.


Eco-friendly design and energy-efficient use

The new building was designed following exacting ecological considerations. For example, the walls of the nursery building are built from eco-friendly bricks and the flat roofs are carpeted in plants. Combined with the automated blind controls, this ensures that the temperatures remain pleasant during the summer.

The task of minimising energy consumption – currently 30% below the requirements specified in the Energy Conservation Ordinance applicable at the time of construction – does of course require efficient lighting and shading. KNX building automation with Theben KNX switch and blinds actuators provides the basis for this. The seamless connection between the KNX system and the DALI lighting control is guaranteed by DALI KNX gateways. KNX presence detectors for corridors with a rectangular detection area (ceiling installation) as well as for interior spaces with a square (ceiling installation) or semi-circular detection area (wall mounting) ensure reliable, presence-dependent lighting control with just a few devices. This means that the LED lights – already an economical option – only switch on when someone is actually in the room and switch themselves off again when they leave. The technology makes a valuable contribution to low energy and operating costs while also enhancing comfort and convenience.


Theben products used:



Architekturbüro Beuter, Haigerloch


Electrical installation and KNX integration

Elektro Kipp, Empfingen


More information about the project

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