Beach club Lseven: tailor-made atmosphere with KNX, DALI and perfect lighting control


  • KNX DALI system for flexible lighting control with simple operation via tablet



  • KNX switching, dimming and blind actuators
  • DALI gateways as interface between KNX system and DALI installation
  • KNX weather station for weather-dependent blind control

A luxurious beach club at a unique location on the Leijsenven in Boxtel. This is what Patrick van Loosbroek, owner of the Lseven, had in mind in 2020. What had previously served as a restaurant, but also as a dance hall and swimming pool, was now to become a place for luxurious dining. The realisation of this large-scale project required solutions for the special technical challenges. The complete KNX and DALI installation was in the hands of local company Dijkhuizen Elektrotechniek.

Anyone who steps through the sliding glass doors of the Lseven Beachclub will immediately see that no expense was spared to realise Van Loosbroek's plans. The colourful and stylish interior of the restaurant immediately catches the eye thanks to the impressive lighting. Directly opposite the entrance is the bar, from which the staff can conveniently control the lighting via tablet.

KNX/DALI major project

"It was a big project," points out installer Danny Jongbloets of Dijkhuizen, looking at the final result. "We started in September 2020. The whole building had just been gutted at the time. We were able to implement the original plans partly exactly as they were. But essential things changed at the last minute. For example, we were originally supposed to use one or two DALI gateways from Theben, but in the end it became as many as nine. Fortunately, we had enough room to expand."

The lighting was intended to give the restaurant a particularly attractive look, and it succeeded brilliantly. On the restaurant side, the natural stone bar top can be completely illuminated thanks to over 150 metres of LED strips. The spacious outdoor terrace on the waterfront is just as attractively lit, with LED lighting in the steps, among other things. This is also controlled via DALI gateways. "With the DCA plug-in in ETS, we were able to commission it easily," says Jongbloets.

Restaurant & event location in one

In addition to a restaurant, the Lseven Beachclub also functions as an event location. Two separate rooms have been set up for this purpose. The smaller of the two is the "Green Room", an enclosed space with its own garden that can accommodate about 50 people. This room is suitable for private events or meetings, for example. In the Green Room is the Green Wall, a wall decorated in green with a large screen in the middle that disappears into the green background when not in use. Next to it is a small screen on which the lighting of the room can be easily controlled with the help of certain presets.

The other event space is "The Dome", a large ballroom with a capacity of up to two hundred people. Here, too, a lot of attention has been paid to the lighting. "Most of the lighting here is DALI-controlled. Numerous KNX switching and dimming actuators, but also blind actuators from Theben, for example, were used for this. A large presentation wall was also installed in this room.

Electric toilet doors

For Dijkhuizen, the project therefore went far beyond pure lighting. Distribution boxes, data installation, audio and video systems were also on the plan. Jongbloets also refers to the electric toilet doors. "That was not a product of ours, but we had to implement it. That was quite a challenge. How does it work? When the green light in the toilet door is on, you can put your hand in front of it and the door opens automatically. A sensor detects that you enter the toilet and locks the door automatically."

"The result is impressive," Jongbloets concludes proudly. "What's more, everything is automated. When the owner turns off the alarm, certain lights turn on immediately. And these automatically turn off again as soon as the alarm is turned back on and people leave the building. Certain presets are set on the screens that allow staff to easily control the lighting. Depending on the time of day or the desired setting, they can activate the right atmosphere themselves."

Theben products used


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