Ambient Assisted Living with KNX: Intelligent building automation for independent living


  • Intelligent building automation to support the everyday life of a disabled homeowner



  • KNX system for controlling lighting, heating, windows and doors
  • Control4 as user interface and audio/video control system


This project involved the planning and installation of an intelligent KNX home automation system for a disabled woman in Leicester, England. Based on the advice and experience of the installation partner  Design Innovation, this involved implementing technologies such as intelligent lighting, heating and cooling systems, automatic doors and windows, multi-room audio, distributed video, access control, alarm systems, CCTV including all the necessary electrical work.

As the homeowner is disabled, she faced several challenges in her daily life that required special attention during the construction of her home. The main goal was to create a living environment that would improve her quality of life by offering her more independence, comfort and convenience through the integration of smart technologies:

Accessibility: the aim here was to ensure that the home met specific mobility needs, such as wheelchair accessibility, ramps, wide doorways and appropriate placement of switches and controls.

Independence and comfort: Various aspects of their home should be independently controlled, e.g. lighting, temperature and audio/video systems, to increase comfort and independence. 

Safety and security: Implement reliable security measures, including access control systems, alarms and CCTV, to ensure their safety and peace of mind, taking into account their potential vulnerability due to their disability.

Integration and ease of use: All smart technologies installed in the home should be integrated in a seamless and user-friendly way, with the various systems controlled via a centralised interface or accessible control mechanisms.

Personalised control: Personal control over her living space, allowing her to adjust lighting, temperature, audio and video according to her preferences without having to rely on the help of others.

Long-term sustainability: A sustainable and energy-efficient home design with intelligent systems that optimise energy consumption, reduce operating costs and help preserve the environment.


KNX enables Ambient Assisted Living

KNX was chosen for the integration of the lighting, heating, window and door systems as it enables seamless control and offers flexibility and interoperability. This allows the customer to manage the functions independently via a central interface or, in this case, via the Control4 mobile app.

Control4 was chosen as the user interface and audio/video control system for the smart home because it offers intuitive control interfaces and enables the seamless integration of different audio and video sources. It allows the customer to manage and control audio distribution and video playback throughout the home.


Theben products used


Installation partner

Design Innovation


Wholesale partner

IvoryEgg UK