KNX Building Control and the Smart Home system LUXORliving

Theben has been a member of the KNX Association since 1992 and has made a significant contribution to making KNX the worldwide standard for home and building control. KNX (formerly EIB) is now an integral part of modern building automation in schools, hospitals, museums, offices and homes. KNX provides a comprehensive and energy efficient control solution for HVAC, lighting, blinds and much more. Building automation has also arrived in private residential properties. LUXORliving 302can provide a fully integrated Smart Home 1721solution meeting the requirements of the most demanding customer. So from a private home to an office building KNX 1721can offer the solution to you control needs.


  • KNX actuators/binary inputs
  • KNX presence/motion detectors
  • VARIA KNX multifunction display
  • KNX sensors (weather station)
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  • Smart Home system
  • Presence simulation
  • Central switching "ON"/"OFF"
  • Panic function
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