Perfect for retrofitting: Optical presence detector thePixa KNX now also available as a 24 V DC variant

(Haigerloch, 1. September 2022) The optical presence detector thePixa KNX from Theben is now available not only as a 230 V version but also with a 24 V variant and is thus also suitable for retrofitting. The functional scope as well as the added value compared to conventional KNX presence detectors remain unchanged.

With the 24 V variant, an auxiliary voltage between 20 V DC and 35 V DC can be used as the supply. This means that the auxiliary voltage of the KNX voltage supply (30 V DC) can also be used if required. By using the white/yellow wires in the KNX bus cable, no separate line needs to be installed. Thus, a conventional KNX presence detector can be replaced by thePixa without having to install a separate line. This enables short installation times with low costs. Thus, thePixa KNX 24V offers the optimal basis for retrofitting. Thanks to the color variants in black, white or special colour, thePixa can be adapted to any interior design. 


DSGVO-compliant capture with visible added value

thePixa KNX detects how many people are in a room and where exactly they are. The detection technology is DSGVO-compliant (DEKRA-approved). The result is visualised in a heat map and can be called up with occupancy statistics in thePixa Plug app. The information triggers predefined actions in the building control system, such as ramping up the ventilation in a fully occupied meeting room. The captured area can be divided into up to 6 zones. This enables precise lighting control in larger rooms and avoids faulty switching.

thePixa thus opens up sustainable added value for building operations, including efficient desk-sharing management in open space offices: Which workstations are used more often and which less often? How can the use of space and the division of the various functional areas be optimized? On this basis, operating and energy costs in the building can also be reduced. In addition, the often high installation costs after a conversion or restructuring of rooms are eliminated, since the zones within the coverage area can be simply recreated in the app.

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