KNX and Smart Home cases facilitate training. Perfectly matched exercise cases - A well thought-out system

(August 2023) The practice-oriented KNX and Smart Home education in teaching often comes up short due to the incomplete and missing materials. Trainees lose valuable time for programming and simulating necessary work steps. The Theben training cases are a perfect solution for the training area due to the many different devices and application possibilities. In the blink of an eye, everyday actions can be tested, learned and repeated.

The most important things combined in a handy case

The device selection has been well thought out and specifically adapted to KNX and Smart Home training. The two different cases are equipped with a total of twelve devices. They cover the standard functions of a building and include four actuators, four classic sensors as well as a modern weather station and three system devices. Thus, all the necessary equipment is combined in one case, and nothing stands in the way of programming. In addition, all systems are already wired, which avoids cable clutter. A crucial added value that Youtuber Torben Ledermann already explained in his cooperation video with Theben AG. "The precious time wasted in vocational school sorting cables and materials is bypassed here through goal-oriented preparatory work." . In addition, the case can be reset in less than a minute using the integrated bus reset button. Consequently, the case is quickly and easily prepared for the next lesson.

Smart home always with you 

In addition to the devices in the lower case segment, both cases feature helpful simulations relevant to everyday life in the upper half. A built-in floor plan of a single-family home allows trainees to test out the function of LED light strips for blinds, switchable and dimmable lighting, and heating and central control, among other things, and to learn them on the model. Thus, smart home training can take place from anywhere.

Networking also to the outside

To make it easier to get started with KNX and smart home training, various interface options are available in the case. In addition to a USB port, the KNX training case also contains a KNX IPsecure router. This allows several cases to be connected to each other during exercise phases, for example to simulate different floors. At the same time, internal Theben devices as well as external KNX devices from other suppliers can be connected to the case via the KNX bus adapter. The Smart Home training case also has an integrated WLAN router, which can also be used to train various network topics. Operation is simple via the LUXORplay app - a plus point not only for young trainees. In this way, visualizations can be made more vivid and intuitive.


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