Added security thanks to KNX Data Secure: thePiccola KNX Mini presence detector

(Haigerloch, March 1, 2024) thePiccola Mini presence detector from Theben for motion and brightness-dependent lighting control is now also available for KNX systems and protected against tampering thanks to KNX Data Secure.

The new generation of thePiccola Mini presence detectors are now also available as KNX versions. KNX Data Secure ensures optimum protection against data theft and manipulation. The electronics have now been integrated into the one-piece device housing. This simplifies ceiling installation considerably, especially in suspended ceilings. In addition, thePiccola is not only available in white, but also in black. This allows the appliances to blend into any interior design. The "swarm light" dims the neighboring lights in the room to a desired level, creating a pleasant lighting mood and saving energy at the same time. Two devices in one: thePiccola KNX Mini presence detector is equipped with a temperature sensor, saving the installation of a separate device.

The particularly compact design with a sensor head just 45 mm wide remains unchanged. In combination with the 360° detection area and max. 8 m diameter, thePiccola is ideal for smaller rooms in residential and functional buildings such as workplaces, toilets, storage rooms or corridors. The IP55 protection class also enables reliable use in damp rooms.

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