KNX retrofit offers security

(Haigerloch, 10th November 2023) Older existing properties are often no longer up to date in terms of their electrical installations. With a KNX RF system, they can be made fit for the future with little effort.

Many homeowners are reluctant to retrofit a smart home system in their own home. The expense and the extent of structural work required can seem too great. With a KNX-based smart home system, however, these worries are unfounded. Installations with KNX actuators not only work excellently in new buildings. A KNX-based smart home system can also be easily retrofitted in existing properties. After all, a large proportion of the German building stock is not equipped with extensive cabling for smart home systems or BUS installations. With a KNX RF system, these buildings can be set up to be future-proof and convenient without too much effort.


Living independently in old age

In addition to greater living comfort and an increase in the value of the property, there is another advantage. What is "nice to have" today can be the basis for being able to live in one's own home in later years. 
With an all-round technical package from the LUXORliving smart home system, for example, lights, doors, windows and roller shutters can be controlled via an app. This also allows people with restricted mobility to access all functions. The app controls are easy to learn. Weather-dependent control of the lighting, windows and roller shutters also eliminates the need for many tedious manual operations.


Optimal solution: wireless actuators

KNX radio (RF) actuators offer the ideal solution for retrofitting a smart home system. With KNX-RF actuators, no bus cable is required at the installation site due to radio communication. This means that flexible expandable smart home systems can be retrofitted in existing buildings with future-proof KNX technology without major construction work. The media coupler connects wired and wireless (RF) components. The current firmware of the media coupler supports the segmentation of lines in ETS 6 and thus enables existing systems to be easily retrofitted with RF components.
Theben flush-mounted RF actuators can be installed invisibly in flush-mounted boxes and can be combined with any known switch system. Thanks to KNX Secure, all Theben KNX flush-mounted RF actuators also offer encrypted, tamper-proof communication.


Flexible thanks to compatibility

KNX wireless technology has another advantage over the closed systems of various manufacturers: proprietary Smart Home wireless solutions cannot usually be combined with systems from other manufacturers. If the manufacturer ceases to exist one day, the customer is left with an outdated, non-expandable smart home system. With a KNX-based RF system, this will never happen, as the components are compatible with each other regardless of the manufacturer. 

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