Perfectly versatile: theMura motion/presence detector from Theben for standard switch ranges

(Haigerloch, Germany, 24 October 2019) Theben AG presents the new theMura 2 and 3-wire motion/presence detectors for wall mounting. Thanks to the optional bezel frames, these universal wall detectors can be used for the switch ranges of all major manufacturers.

The new theMura wall detector is perfect for energy-efficient lighting control, e.g. in corridors, stairways, cellars and toilets. They are available as a motion detector and presence detector. The 2-wire detectors are most suitable for renovations and conversions in combination with a staircase light timer switch from Theben. The 3-wire detectors can also be used in new buildings and feature practical additional functions as a presence detector. As well as the Theben design, there is a wide range of available bezel frames which can be used in switch ranges from Busch-Jaeger, Jung, Merten, Gira, Legrand, Berker and Feller.

theMura motion and presence detectors look great anywhere thanks to their particularly sleek and attractive design. The large detection area of 14 x 17 m and its flexible extension through additional slave detectors make them the perfect solution for any application. The lighting can be switched on and off manually using the integrated button. All basic settings can be made directly on the device.

Additional comfort functions of theMura presence detector

In order to use all of the functions, theSenda B remote control needs to be used in combination with the free theSenda Plug app. This includes setting the integrated orientation light, activation of the acoustic function or adjustment of the extended function. With the additional floating contact, it is also possible to integrate HVAC applications. External buttons can also be connected.


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