Now also for KNX: Theben LUXA 103 presence detector for indoors and outdoors

(Haigerloch, 1 March 2024) KNX presence detector for lighting and HVAC control / Special corridor detectors / Day/night switching

Theben is expanding the LUXA 103 presence detector series for efficient indoor and outdoor lighting and HVAC control with a KNX version. The LUXA 103 S360-12 KNX with circular detection area (360°, Ø 12 m at 3 m mounting height) is ideal for individual and open-plan offices, meeting and storage rooms, cellars and toilets. The LUXA 103 S360-28 KNX with rectangular detection area (360°, 28 x 5 m at 3 m mounting height) functions as a special corridor presence detector. Both devices have 2 channels each for light and HVAC as well as 3 logic channels. A device variant is also available for the KNX smart home system LUXORliving.

The LUXA 103 KNX offers an elegant, compact design and many other advantages: The devices are not only suitable for simple surface mounting, but also for quick ceiling or flush-mounted installation. Using the theSenda Plug app in combination with theSenda B remote control or via the ETS, the presence detectors can be parameterized with minimal effort - even for scene control. With the day/night switchover, separate lux values and run-on times can be preset for day and night operation. The integrated temperature sensor for HVAC control enables numerous additional functions. Thanks to protection class IP 54, operation outdoors and in damp rooms is also possible without any problems. 


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