The easy way to improve ventilation: The mobile AMUN 716 CO2 Monitor

(Haigerloch, 18th January 2021) The mobile AMUN 716 CO2 Monitor from Theben reliably indicates the CO2 concentration in the room using a traffic light display. With this device, targeted ventilation can be used in places such as classrooms and offices in order to minimise harmful aerosols in the air, improve room air quality and reduce heating costs.

In the current circumstances, regular ventilation is essential in order to reduce aerosol concentrations in places such as schools, nurseries, offices and meeting rooms. An easy-to-understand indication of the current CO2 concentration provides specific information about when rooms should be ventilated in order to improve air quality.

The mobile AMUN 716 CO2 Monitor from Theben makes this particularly easy. The device can be easily connected to a PC or laptop via USB cable or a socket via a USB power unit. It can also be installed on a wall using the screwable base plate. The device does not need to be configured. The CO2 concentration is measured precisely on the basis of scientifically defined threshold values and is indicated via a traffic light system (red, yellow, green). This makes it easy to determine when ventilation is next required. At the same time, it also prevents unnecessarily long periods of ventilation which result in rooms cooling down and, hence, increased heating costs.

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