The perfect addition: Wireless actuators for the LUXORliving smart home system

(Haigerloch, Germany, 1 October 2019) With the new LUXORliving wireless actuators, extensions such as conservatories or conversions such as attics can be integrated into an existing wire-based smart home system quickly and easily. Encryption through KNX Data Secure ensures communication is optimally protected against tapping and manipulation.

Retrofitting extensions and conversions in an existing smart home system with new wiring can be complicated and expensive. Thanks to the new LUXORliving wireless actuators from Theben, LUXORliving can be extended quickly and easily in existing flats, private residences, villas and doctor's practices. Without laborious laying of cables and with high flexibility. The wireless actuators feature inputs for simple integration of buttons, window contacts or temperature sensors. Wirelessly controlled and wire-based components can be networked together via the LUXORliving media coupler and use of the KNX standard ensures all LUXORliving products can continue to be used with the native KNX system when it comes to extensions.

The KNX wireless actuators are available as dimming actuators (LUXORliving D1 RF), blind actuators (LUXORliving J1 RF) and switch actuators (LUXORliving S1 RF). Communication of the wireless actuators is encrypted according to the KNX Data Secure standard. This guarantees maximum data security for the customer and effective protection against tapping and manipulation.


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