Energy-saving control box for branch businesses

(Haigerloch) This autumn, the new regulations of the Energy Saving Act caught many businesses off guard, because suddenly the operation of illuminated or light-emitting advertising installations is prohibited between 10 pm and 6 am. Most branch businesses in the retail sector are not set up to suddenly change lighting scenarios or to control lamps according to time instead of daylight. Since the systems are often decentralised, each individual branch must be adapted and equipped with new components such as time switches. This is not very efficient, as each branch has to call in a technician when changes are made.

Theben TC 649 control box for central control

A more convenient option is to install a control box. With the Theben TC 649 control box, you can overcome these challenges with centralised control. The control box is a weekly timer which can be integrated into the LAN and provides Astro functions and special programs incl. yearly functions. This allows programmes and functions for lighting control to be transmitted to defined device groups from the company headquarters. The central lighting control in branches is thus possible.

With the TC control box from Theben, the lighting in every branch can be controlled easily and safely from the company headquarters. The connection is established via the company's internal LAN network. This ensures compliance with all security requirements applicable within the LAN network. You can transfer data with the management software using three modes:

  • Programming individual devices from one central control unit, e.g. to control lighting in line with specific Sunday opening times.
  • Sending programs to groups of devices from one central control unit, e.g. if changes have been made to opening times in one particular region.
  • Sending programs to all devices from one central control unit, e.g. when taking part in “energy saving days“. Astronomical switching points can be transferred along with switching times.


Versions for different needs

Die Theben TC 649 Steuerbox gibt es in verschiedenen Varianten. Sie kann in das firmeneigene Netzwerk über VPN integriert und somit in der sicheren Umgebung betrieben werden, die das Unternehmen ohnehin schon nutzt. Per Fernzugriff kann die Variante TC 649 C via Theben-Cloud über einen sicheren Serverstandort in Deutschland genutzt werden. Die Montage der Steuerbox ist in jeder Variante einfach: Das smarte Kontrollzentrum wird über Steckverbinder an das Netzwerk angeschlossen. Einmal installiert, profitiert das Unternehmen davon, Änderungen binnen weniger Minuten ohne zeit- und kostenintensiven Personaleinsatz ausführen zu können. Auch Änderungen in der Gesetzeslage können schnell und mit geringem Kostenaufwand umgesetzt werden.


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