Measuring CO2 concentration, reducing the risk of infection: AMUN 716 CO2 monitor

Even beyond the age of the coronavirus pandemic, regular ventilation in sealed rooms is essential for minimising the aerosol load and infection risks. The AMUN 716 CO2 monitor by Theben immediately emits a visual warning when CO2 concentration levels in a room exceed a specific threshold. This allows you to ventilate at the right time and keep health risks to a minimum.


Highlights of the AMUN 716 CO2 Monitor at a glance:

  • Easy to understand:
    LED traffic light display based on scientifically proven thresholds
  • Silent:
    No disruptive audible warnings
  • Universal use:
    Ideal for schools and nurseries, private homes and offices, meeting and conference rooms
  • Flexible operation:
    Easy to connect to PCs or laptops, for example, using a USB cable
  • Wall mounting possible:
    When operated with optional USB power unit
  • Secure base:
    Practical table stand and non-slip pad included 


Technical data, functionn description and further information:

Download Highlights 01|2021: