App-solute programming ease: The new theSenda Plug app for presence and motion detectors

With theSenda Plug, ThebenHTS presents a user-friendly app for easy programming of indoor and outdoor detectors. Parameters are sent by Bluetooth to the theSenda B remote control and from there transmitted by infrared to the detector. This allows the parameters on all ThebenHTS presence and motion detectors to be set quickly, easily and safely, particularly detectors with a wide range of functions. 

The highlights of theSenda Plug at a glance:

  • Can be used anywhere: 
    Free app for iOS and Android smartphones
  • Automatic updates:
    All detectors are pre-installed and automatically updated
  • Simple detector searches: 
    Automatic, using the filter function or stored parameter sets 
  • Flexible parameter settings: 
    Parameter sets can be saved specifically according to the customer, be filed in parameter libraries or be established externally and imported


The highlights of the theSenda B remote control at a glance:

  • Can be used anywhere: 
    Remote control for all Theben and ThebenHTS indoor and outdoor detectors
  • Built-in lux meter:
    Easy to calibrate the brightness measurement using the theSenda Plug app
  • Flexible communication:
    Via infrared with the detector and via Bluetooth with a smartphone
  • Large range of functions:
    Switching and dimming for three lighting channels, two scenes, customised button allocation


Further information and technical data:

* Available july 2018


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