New top3 times five: Theben expands its product range of top3 digital time switches

The new top3 digital time switches are replacing the current top2 devices. They are ideal for time-controlled switching of street lighting, display window lighting or advertising lighting, for controlling lights in and around public buildings and car parks, for school bells and ventilation systems, pumps and fountains, and all sorts of other applications.

Highlights of top3 digital time switches at a glance:

  • More flexibility: 
    Can be flexibly programmed on PC or laptop, via app on a tablet or smartphone, or directly on the device
  • More security:
    Tamper-proof transfer of programs via Bluetooth OBELISK top3 – a Bluetooth Low Energy dongle – to the top3 device. More secure than permanently installed Bluetooth receivers
  • Adjustable twilight range & Astro cycle:
    Three-stage twilight range and Astro function for the SELEKTA 171 top3 and 172 top3 astronomical time switches

 top3 Daemmerungsbereich 720 EN


  • Versatile channel switching:
    Thanks to the channel switching and with the dual-channel devices TR 622 top3 and SELEKTA 172 top3, a wide range of solutions are possible, such as energy-efficient and secure street lighting or periodic switching of compressors.

  • Secure channel locking:
    Before switching over to the 2nd channel, the 1st channel is securely blocked off. Ideal for secure operation of gates, roller blinds and locks.
  • More energy efficiency: 
    Reduced standby consumption thanks to Low Energy technology
  • Upwards compatible from top2: 
    Continue to use top2 accessories with top3 and easily replace devices thanks to identical terminal layout. Read out and transfer top2 programs to top3 via Bluetooth OBELISK top3 or OBELISK top2.
  • Up to 600 W LED output: 
    Keep high LED inrush currents firmly under control with the new zero-cross switching. Switch 5 times the LED output of top2.
  • More comfort: 
    Save time programs directly from the app in the cloud, send programs via e-mail, or transfer them directly from smartphone to smartphone.


Technical data, function descreption and further information:



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