Flexible interfaces between DALI and the KNX bus: Theben S64 KNX and S128 KNX DALI gateways

The new Theben S64 KNX and S128 KNX DALI gateways allow lighting to be controlled perfectly by integrating up to 64 or 128 DALI lamps per device. The individual DALI lamps can be integrated in up to 16 or 32 groups.

Highlights of the Theben S64 KNX and S128 KNX DALI gateway at a glance:

  • Precise colour control:
    Colour control (RGB(W), HSV, XY with the support Device Type 8 and colour temperature control (Tunable White). Colour control module with 16 time programs and up to 300 commands, e.g. to control the colour temperature (Human Centric Lighting applications)
  • Flexible control:
    DALI ECGs can be controlled in up to 16 groups per channel
  • Efficient operation:
    Energy savings due to deactivation of the DALI ECGs (per group, with separate switching actuators)
  • Reliable monitoring:
    Monitoring of all connected DALI lamps and forwarding of error messages and status reports from DALI lamps to the KNX system.
  • Speedy replacement:
    Easy replacement of individual defective DALI ECGs in the event of faults
  • Easy programming:
    Programming directly in the ETS5 with free DCA (Device Configuration App)



Technical data, function description and further information:


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