Protected against manipulation thanks to KNX Data Secure: KNX wireless actuators for flush-mounting

Theben is expanding its range of KNX products with new KNX flush-mounted wireless actuators and media couplers. Secure encryption through KNX Data Secure ensures communication is optimally protected against tapping and manipulation

Highlights of the KNX RF flush-mounted actuators at a glance:

  • Secure communication:
    The encryption according to the KNX Data Secure standard effectively prevents interpretation of the transmitted data.
  • Wide range of applications:
    Can be used for dimming (DU 1 RF KNX), for blind/shading control (JU 1 RF KNX) or for switching consumers with high inrush currents (SU 1 RF KNX) depending in the device
  • Quick installation:
    Thanks to the compact design, the KNX flush-mounted wireless actuators can be housed in any switch/junction box.
  • Flexible integration:
    2 external inputs for connecting buttons, a signal contact or a temperature sensor.


Technical data, function description and further information:


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