Efficient lighting control for flush-mounting: TR 030 top3 UP digital time switch and SELEKTA 070 top3 UP digital ASTRO time switch

The new digital TR 030 top3 UP time switch and the digital SELEKTA 070 top3 UP ASTRO time switch with weekly programs allow for simple, efficient and precise lighting control. Thanks to the flush-mounting installation option, they can be subtly integrated into any interior design.

Highlights of the TR 030 top3 UP and SELEKTA 070 top3 UP digital time switches at a glance:

  • Versatile:
    Ideal for display window lighting, Christmas lights, aquariums, outdoor or patio lighting, pond pumps, fountains, etc.
  • Flexible programming:
    Using keypad or app, secure transfer via Bluetooth OBELISK top3 (Low Energy dongle)
  • Perfect for LEDs:
    600 W LED output
  • Efficient:
    Low consumption on standby
  • Wide array of programs:
    Weekly program and 3 special programs (small annual program)
  • ASTRO functions (SELEKTA 070 top3 UP):
    3 custom twilight ranges plus adjustable offset (sunset, twilight, darkness)


Technical data, function description and further information:

Download Highlights 01|2021: