Blind controls, dimming and switching – now in a flush-mounted system: the new KNX actuators from Theben

Theben AG presents compact, flush-mounted KNX actuators for easy installation in switch and junction boxes. These remove the need for time-consuming and costly wiring in the control cabinet.

Highlights of the flush-mounted KNX actuators at a glance:

  • Easy commissioning:
    Two binary inputs per device, where one can be combined with a temperature sensor, and power supply via bus voltage.
  • DU 1 KNX dimming actuator:
    With automatic load detection and an adjustable dimming curve for flicker-free and smooth dimming. A dimming output for dimming incandescent, halogen and dimmable LED lamps.
  • JU 1 KNX blind actuator:
    For blinds with solar protection and ventilation function to ensure ideal indoor conditions. It can also be configured as a dual-channel switching actuator.
  • SU 1 KNX switching actuator:
    With one channel and two outputs as NC or NO contact (alternating operation), serving as a replacement for a changeover switch while retrofitting, for example.


Technical data, function description and further information:


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