Simple installation, app control, perfect for LEDs: Flush-mounted universal dimmer DIMAX 544 plus P

Theben AG presents the new DIMAX 544 plus P flush-mounted universal dimmer. The compact housing makes installation considerably easier. The integrated Bluetooth technology means that it can be conveniently operated using the MAXplus app for tablets and smartphones (iOS, Android). What's more, the flush-mounted dimmers have been optimised to dim LEDs.

Highlights of the DIMAX 544 plus P flush-mounted universal dimmers at a glance:

  • Easy installation:
    Thanks to highly compact housing (44.4 x 44.4 x 20 mm)
  • App control:
    For convenient setting of lighting scenarios, brightness values, staircase light and snooze functions and more
  • Load detection for R, L and C loads:
    For controlling ventilation systems
  • Wake-up light:
    Light brightness gradually increased using a smartphone
  • Perfect for LEDs:
    Configuration of minimum/maximum brightness, switch-on brightness and dimming response

Technical data, function description and further information:






  541 plus E  


  542 plus S  


  544 plus P  

Picto Kompakt DIMAX 100x101

  Compact housing
  For convenient installation in the flush-mounted box     

  ●   ●   ●
 Picto LED DIMAX 100x100

  Optimum for LEDs
  Thanks to optimised zero-cross switching

  ●   ●   ●
 Picto Memory DIMAX 100x100    Practical memory function
  Saves the most recently set light level value

 Picto Last DIMAX 100x100   Load detection for R, L and C loads
  For controlling ventilation systems

  ●   ●   ●
 Picto Schlummer DIMAX 100x100   Convenient snooze function
  Drift peacefully into a deep sleep

  ●   ●   ●
 Picto Dimm DIMAX 100x100   Adjustable dimming response
  Perfect for dimming of LEDs

 Picto Passwort DIMAX 100x100   Password protection option
  Prevents unauthorised access to your devices

 Picto App DIMAX 100x100   App for Android and iOS
  Convenient operation via the app

 Picto Szene DIMAX 100x100   Individual lighting scenarios
  Easy to set up and activate via a smartphone

 Picto Treppe DIMAX 100x100   Adjustable staircase light function
  With optimised switch-off pre-warning


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