The invisible clock thermostat: RAMSES 814 BLE UP

The clock thermostat RAMSES BLE UP from Theben is completely hidden in the flush-mounted box under the blind cover or box lid. As well as the invisible flush-mounted fitting, the RAMSES BLE UP is also particularly easy to operate via an app. The device can be used with any standard switch range and blends seamlessly into any interior design.

Highlights of the RAMSES 814 BLE clock thermostats at a glance:

  • The “invisible one”:
    The RAMSES 814 BLE UP clock thermostat is completely hidden in the flush-mounted box and therefore blends in perfectly with the interior design. A specially developed computing algorithm considers factors such as self-heating and material inertia. This allows precise temperature measurements to be performed, even behind a button or the blind cover.
  • Convenient app programming:
    The device can be intuitively programmed and monitored on a high-resolution colour display on a smartphone or tablet without any previous experience required.
  • Maximum manipulation protection:
    Thanks to the local Bluetooth Low Energy connection without any internet access, no data is saved in a cloud and it is optimally protected against remote access. 
  • Easy installation:
    Convenient installation without the need for additional components such as gateways and switch actuators.
  • Wide range of applications:
    Various device variants are replacing conventional 2-wire controllers (e.g. for electric heaters), enable 0–10 V heating control (heating units with device/master reset) or are suitable for two-stage heating systems and furnaces.
  • Flexible expansion:
    A floor sensor, external temperature sensor, motion detector or telephone contact can be connected via the external input.


Technical data, function description and further information:

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