Compact housing, ideal for LEDs – the new DIMAX flush-mounted universal dimmer

The DIMAX universal dimmer boasts not only a highly compact housing for installation in flush-mounted boxes, but also smooth and linear dimming of LED lamps.

Highlights of the DIMAX flush-mounted universal dimmers at a glance:

  • Easy installation:
    With a highly compact housing
  • Ideal for LEDs:
    DIMAX 542 plus S – using potentiometers, a minimum brightness can be set for LED lamps with low wattages. Even the type of control, i.e. leading- or trailing-edge phase angle control, can be preselected. This practically allows all dimmable LED lamps of renowned manufacturers to be controlled reliably.
  • Energy-efficient lighting control:
    Both dimmers are ideally suited to all new, dimmable LEDs and halogen lamps.
  • Handy memory function:
    This saves the most recently set light level value and then dims to this value the next time it is switched on.
  • Automatic load recognition for R, L and C loads and LEDs:
    Permits not only the use of different lights, but also the connection of different consumers such as fans in wet rooms.
  • Convenient snooze function:
    Double-tapping the button activates the dimmer's wake-up and snooze function (e.g. in children's bedrooms)


Further information and technical details:


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