More intelligence in heating control. The new HMT 6 S/12 S KNX heating actuators

The new HMT 6 S/12 S KNX heating actuators from Theben can be easily fitted in the heating circuit distributor via mounting rails. KNX heating actuators offer a range of high-performance functions which significantly increase the energy efficiency of the heating system.

The highlights of the HMT 6 S/12 S KNX heating actuators at a glance:

  • Flow temperature adjustment to meet requirements:
    Automatic calculation of the maximum actuating value for energy-efficient adjustment of the flow temperature to actual requirements
  • No KNX room thermostat needed:
    Flexible use of each channel as a heating actuator or heating controller only requires a simple temperature sensor rather than a KNX room thermostat
  • Variable output signal:
    24 V or 0-10 V control makes the adaptation to existing systems easier and broadens the choice of compatible actuators. The 0-10V signal allows for particularly fine tuning of the temperature with the actuators
  • Customisable heating circuit pump control:
    Participation of each channel in no, one or both pump controls. Automatic cut-off when heating or cooling energy is not required
  • Practical protection functions:
    The valve protection stops the valves from becoming stuck if no actuator changes have taken place over at least 7 days. The emergency program is run in the event of actuating value or actual temperature failure


Technical data, function description and further information:


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