Everything under control. The new KNX push button interfaces

The new KNX push button interfaces can record binary conditions and control indicator lamps via the outputs. If potential-free buttons or switches are connected, they can carry out different functions, such as switching, dimming, raising/lowering blinds, etc.

Highlights of the KNX push button interfaces at a glance:

  • Several telegrams per channel:
    Send different conditions/values in the “button” configuration type as well as up to three telegrams in the “switch” configuration type.
  • Flexible LED control:
    Commercially available LEDs and low-current LEDs can be controlled, thanks to an increased output power of 3mA
  • LED dimmability:
    Three brightness levels can be configured per output and LED for individual message status displays
  • Simple temperature measurement:
    Option of connecting temperature sensors to capture the room or floor temperature as well as temperature control with Theben KNX heating actuators


Technical data, function description and further information:

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