PlanoSpot 360 DALI DE WH


  • Passive infrared presence detector for mounting in suspended ceilings
  • Detection area: 360°, square (up to 64 m2) for easy and reliable planning
  • Higher flexibility due to two detection areas, different in size
  • Detection of brightness and presence for automatic control of lighting and HVAC
  • Triple light measurement (mixed light), suitable for fluorescent lamps, halogen-/incandescent lamps and LEDs
  • Totally flat design, cover frames changeable in form, colour and material
  • Optical system can be swiveled for adjusting detection area
  • Test mode for verification of function and detection area
  • Adjustable detection sensitivity
  • Setting of parameters via DALI-bus or remote control
  • Management remote control (optional)
  • PlanoSpot DALI is configured as a sensor only, it cannot control loads, process events or make any bus configurations (addressing, binding)
  • Configuring the PlanoSpot DALI via the DALI bus therefore requires a commissioning device which supports the functionality of PlanoSpot DALI
  • Detection area, detection sensitivity and room factor may be optionally configured by means of the SendoPro management remote control

Technical data

Operating voltage kV DALI
Installation height 2 – 3 m
Minimum height > 1,7 m
Setting range brightness 10 – 10000 lx
Detection angle 360°
Installation type Ceiling installation
Light measurement Mixed light measurement
Ambient temperature +0 °C … +50 °C
Colour Pure white (similar to RAL 9010)
Type of protection IP 20

Scale drawings

PlanoSpot 360 DALI DE WH

Detection range

Mounting height (A) Sitting (S) Walking (T)
2 m 9 m² | 3 m x 3 m 20 m² | 4,5 m x 4,5 m ± 0,5 m
2,5 m 16 m² | 4 m x 4 m 36 m² | 6 m x 6 m ± 0,5 m
3 m 20 m² | 4,5 m x 4,5 m 49 m² | 7 m x 7 m ± 1 m
3,5 m 64 m² | 8 m x 8 m
PlanoSpot 360 DALI DE WH


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SendoPro 868-A - Infrared remote control for the convenient startup of HTS presence detectors

SendoPro 868-A



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PlanoSpot 360 DALI DE WH - Passive infrared presence detector for mounting in suspended ceilings

PlanoSpot 360 DALI DE WH

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